Planning for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day brings out different reactions from people. Some would rather stay away from the pressure and celebrate their loved ones on a different day. And others bathe in the love that surrounds them, clinching every opportunity they can use to honor their loved ones. It can be overwhelming when you want to celebrate your significant other. What should you get them? Should you eat out?

You are likely to spend hours scouring through romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to see what would work for you. But this day is quite simple if you let it be. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash on planning. All you need to do is to understand what your partner needs and to give it to them. It could be as easy as taking the day off and lying on the couch all day catching up on romantic movies with them.

Here is what you need to consider for a perfect Valentine’s Day:

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Most people head to restaurants on Valentine’s Day. As such, getting a reservation can be very hard, especially when you do it at the last minute. Plus, most eateries will charge you much higher than they would on other days. So, if you choose to go out, make sure you book in advance and save up for the meals.

Alternatively, you can skip the whole eating out idea and plan the meal at home. All you need is to plan out the meals for the day. Breakfast in bed would be a good start, followed by a sumptuous lunch. Suppose you have to work on this day, you can grab a quick bite with your loved one to keep the mood intact. And finally, make a great dinner that they will not forget. If you can cook well, surprise them with a homemade meal. You can also have fun cooking together as this adds to your bonding time. Or hire a chef to cater to your needs, allowing you to spend more time with your loved one.


What’s a drink you both enjoy and do not get much of during the year? Maybe you have a wine bottle saved for a special occasion. Well, this is the time to open it and toast to the beauty of your love. You can also work on making a cocktail based on the flavors you both enjoy. You can name it after each other, or a combination of your names. Drinking helps you ease into the night and will have you opening up to each other. Plus, if you choose red wine for this occasion, you will undoubtedly bathe in its aphrodisiac effects.


A lot of emphasis lies in food and drinks. And most often, when you are planning a dinner date, people will focus on what goes into the belly. But eating does not give you adequate time to enjoy each other’s company. You will be too busy watching your table manners and waiting for the next course.

As such, before heading out to dinner, you should get some activities into the itinerary. Look for something you both like doing. Maybe you could hire a boat and take a ride in the river as you watch the sunset. Or it could be that you both love dancing and would appreciate a dancing class. Being outdoors is great for couples. Not only do you reconnect with nature, but also with your loved one.

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Mill House Inn, East Hampton


Valentine’s Day does not have to be a one-off event. If you save up adequately, you can afford to get away from the usual hustle and bustle for a few days. Pick a spot you both enjoy, such as a beach or embark on a safari. You can enjoy exploring different places, which will create new memories for you.

While away, you can sleep in a hotel and escape the routine that awaits you at home. Book a spa day or a hike while you are away and get to enjoy the things that you don’t while at home.


And finally, the moment that people look forward to on this day: the gifting. Your choice should reflect the thoughtfulness you put into the selection. Try and match the gift to your loved one’s needs and wishes.


Try and match the gift to your loved one’s needs and wishes. But if you happen to still be single and need some help, check out these signals that your coworker has a crush on you or if anyone else out there is attracted to you.