Poolside Essentials: From Snacks to Summer Fun


Summer in the Hamptons is finally here, and we are celebrating with our five favorite poolside essentials that everyone must have at hand this summer season, including some of our favorite snacks, games, and decor including a super cute reusable accessory.


New to the MadeGood snack family is Strawberry Crispy Squares, Caramel Crispy Squares, and Sweet & Salty Granola Bars all with one serving of vegetables in each snack! The newest MadeGood flavors that are not only allergen-free and safe for school, but are also gluten-free, certified vegan, organic, Non-GMO, Kosher and contain nutrients from vegetables. These new flavors are in addition to the popular Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares and the variety of fruit-flavored granola bars.

MadeGood products are made in a dedicated facility free from the eight common allergens: peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. They contain the nutrients from vegetables, are only 90 calories and contain 6 grams of sugar. These yummy snacks are available in stores all across the country and on Amazon.

Organic Traditions

Create the perfect poolside iced-latte with new InstantLattes from Organic Traditions. The new product line packs probiotics, plant-based protein, healthy fats and other superfood ingredients in four delicious flavors: Turmeric, Matcha, Chocolate with Ashwagandha, and Fermented Beets. Just add water or your favorite liquid. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, or served over ice for an icedlatte. Each flavor is blended with organic coconut milk powder and other health benefits. It’s available now in select retail stores nationwide or online via their website. Sign up for their newsletter to receive 20% off.

Joanna Buchanan’s Stripey Bee Metal Straws

Joanna Buchanan’s Stripey Bee reusable stainless steel straws are the perfect solution for wasteful plastic straws. Beautiful on the bar cart or even while on-the-go to pop in your drinks whilst out to a fancy lunch or cocktails. Or, add a little sparkle to your iced coffee by the pool. They also sell bug pouches to keep your straws safe while traveling. A great summer gift idea as well! Set of 4. ($76)

Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee reusable stainless steel straws east end taste

Joanna Buchanan’s Tree Print Everyday Placemat

No need to worry about unexpected spills, especially with children at the table. A perfect everyday placemat that ideal for poolside family meals, easy at home lunches, casual gatherings, and outdoor entertaining. A beautiful combination of summery green and blue that will go with just about any tablescape and outdoor decor pieces. Set of two. ($44)

ZURU X-SHOT™ Fast-Fill

The ultimate water blaster! Become a kid again with the latest addition to one of the most popular blaster brands in the world can be filled in one second! Its Rapid-Seal Technology closes the blaster tank instantly allowing battlers to get back to the blasting action long before their opponents. X-SHOT™ Fast-Fill is easy to handle with superb blasting performance, holding up to 24 ounces and reaching distances of 34 feet. ($12.99)