Provisions Reopens with a New Interior

provisions sag harbor east end taste

After undergoing some cosmetic renovations and an expansion, Provisions in Sag Harbor reopened the last week in March. I took a private, self-guided tour throughout the new interior, including its new organic produce section in the new, far-end area of the store. It was no coincidence that each time I visited Provisions  in the past that it was wall-to-wall with customers either in the cafe or grocery area, as Provisions is the grocery store in the Hamptons where you will find that particular, nutrient-packed ingredient or food item you are desiring.

I took my time surveying the aisles and all-the-while discovering new and favorite items that I could not find anywhere close to home. Everything from organic lingonberry jam and ghee to abundant quantities of lentils and herbal teas. Provisions also has a very impressive selection of yogurt, granola, and cereals.

provisions sag harbor east end taste

The new interior feels like a breath of fresh air, providing that extra amount of space to navigate to aisles more effectively than before. Notice the number of local products being sold at Provisions including Kvass from Hamptons Brine and notable products like Happy Tree Maple Water. Have a look at their collection of essential oils, soaps, and bath products.

Happy shopping!


*Tip: If you want to hang up a business card, small poster or postcard at either front bulletin board, I recommend doing so at the beginning of each month as each board is striped at the end of each month to avoid clutter building up.


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