Roasted Masala in NYC’s Upper West Side

Roasted Masala-53-min

Roasted Masala is a Northern Indian restaurant tucked away in the Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue that serves authentic dishes with bold flavors and spices. These dishes are created from time-honored recipes passed down from the Executive Chef’s grandfather. Restaurant patrons can experience the true tastes of India to New York City while being surrounded by glistening gold and red accents inspired by the lavish Indian palaces with its high ceilings. Chandeliers hang overhead, creating an elegant aesthetic with greenery incorporated throughout to pay homage to the lush gardens these palaces are known for in India.

My guest and I felt very relaxed during our dining experience. When visiting Roasted Masala, allot at least two hours to really enjoy your time here as each dish is so unique and tasty. I, for example, would never forget our appetizer, the Lasooni Gobi, pictured below, that is made with crispy cauliflower, tomato & garlic sauce ($7.95). It quite literally tasted like chicken, and it was hard to take a break between each bite. This is a dish you will order again and again.

Lasooni Gobi roasted masala
Lasooni Gobi

At Roasted Masala, it is encouraged that dishes be shared and served ‘family-style.’ The expansive menu has several main courses featuring a variety of choices, including chicken, beef, goat, lamb, seafood, vegan, and vegetarian (separated in these categories on the menu). To accompany your entrees, there is also the classic Indian rice selections and sides such as mango chutney and cucumber raita.

The menu also includes several types of traditional breads, such as dosas or naan, and a wide selection of starters like Spinach Chaat and Recheado Shrimp.

Our favorites included the Chicken Malai Kabab ($9.95), Beef Meatball Curry ($17.95), and the Tandoori Chicken. As starters, we recommend the Sesame Naan ($3.95), and Baadshah Pulao with cashews, almonds, raisins, saffron, and basmati rice ($6.95). You will fill up fast, so arrive hungry and always be prepared to take some food home with you.

View their full menu here. What I appreciate about their online menu is that it provides a photo of exactly how the dish is plated while clearly noting the level of spice and if it is a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian dish.

Roasted Masala is BYOB with no corkage fee, but their specialty drinks provide a unique glimpse into some specialty Indian sips that I highly recommend. These include their own on a bubble tea with their Falooda Milk, a pink lightly sweetened strawberry milk shake with basil seeds that is irresistibly refreshing ($5). Others include a variety of Lassis such as Rose, Salted, Mango, and Sweet. I ordered the Rose and would order it again in a heartbeat.

Indian desserts are some of my favorite and Roasted Masala has covered all of the bases. I recommend trying the Gulab Jamun: golden dough puff topped with organic honey ($4.95); and Rabri Jalebi: golden pretzel, creamy cashew, almond, saffron milk ($6.95).

Dahi Batata nyc indian restaurant
Dahi Batata

Executive Chef Jawad Rehman grew up in the kitchen helping his mother with different recipes, but his real inspiration for pursuing his culinary dreams came from his grandfather. Chef Rehman’s grandfather loved to try new dishes, and as a child he would watch his grandfather help craft lavish Indian wedding feasts using elaborate recipes to create one-of-a-kind dining experiences at these large-scale events. These recipes are the ones he is plating up at Roasted Masala to inspire his diners.

Gulab Jamun-4-min
Gulab Jamun // Images courtesy of Roasted Masala

The restaurant features a 50% off lunch special as well as weekly specialty Indo-Chinese and tandoori dishes, which rotate throughout the season.

Roasted Masala provides catering services and can be found on popular service sites including Seamless, GrubHub and DoorDash. During my dining experience, I noticed several takeout orders being picked up for delivering. At least ten to twelve in a two hour time-frame.

They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Lunch begins at 11:30am, and dinner begins at 5pm during the week (closed between 3-5pm Monday-Friday). They are open straight through from lunch to dinner on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 11:30am. // 917-388-3586