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Sabrosa Mexican Grill is a healthy take on quick-service, build-your-own tacos, burritos, salads and burrito bowls! Opening in Water Mill in 2014, Sabrosa offers dine-in and take out Mexican cuisine with great sustenance. Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, did a nutritional analysis of the menu, incorporating very healthy and satisfying meal choices for all ages. For example, she created two drinks: The first is good old H2O, spruced up with fresh grated ginger, along with refreshing basil and sliced oranges; and the second is iced green tea with fresh lime, pineapple and a chopped chili pepper kick.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to try the soup special of the day, Spicy Corn Chowder with chicken. I loved this soup; it was very wholesome, hearty, and was made with a generous amount of chicken. I also tried their Vegetable Barley that was very appetizing, and two chicken tacos with fajitas with red pepper and onion. You can taste the fresh ingredients in each bite of their dishes and each was served at the perfect temperature. Lastly, I was able to try a small serving of their vegan carrot habañero gelato ($4.25). I also had a taste of their vanilla bean gelato. The other two flavors available were hazelnut and dark chocolate. The carrot gelato had a gentle hint of the spicy habañero and the vanilla gelato was creamy; neither had that heavy, thick taste you may notice when having traditional ice cream or gelato. There are many excellent vegan and vegetarian options on the menu!


sabrosa water mill - East End Taste


Julia, the manager on duty, was very friendly, and helpful when recommending combinations and options. Below is an interview with the owner, J Andreassi, his daughter Hannah, who chose the name Sabrosa for the restaurant, and manager Brittney Epley. Sabrosa means delicious in Spanish and the name for the restaurant was chosen by Hannah. Be on the lookout for their second location in Riverhead! Their goal is to have a total of four Sabrosa Mexican Grills by the end of the year.

How did Sabrosa get started and why is The Hamptons its perfect location?

Five years ago I took the Foundation Wellness course at Southampton Hospital and it taught me how important good natural nutritious food was for a person. I knew I could eat healthy cooking at home but where would I eat for lunch and when out?  After months of evaluating eateries I realized that choices were limited and if we could develop Sabrosa into an eatery that would meet our high level of nutrition and good quality food in a clean environment with friendly service it would be a hit. The charity factor was important to me because I have always maintained that the business community needs to do more for local groups helping others so that was added to round out our culture.

The Hamptons is a great location for Sabrosa because many people living, working, and visiting here need good healthy food at a reasonable price served in record time.

sabrosa water mill - East End Taste


How do you incorporate your logo, the Habañero Pepper, into the menu? Could anyone, regardless of one’s heat preference, enjoy this pepper?

Our habañero pepper logo was a special introduction to our culture because of its size and order on the Scoville Heat Chart. There is significance between that pepper and our Uncle John’s xxxsauce! -J Andreassi

I love that you support local charities. Which ones will you be working with in the coming months? Please describe your ongoing support with the charities.

Sabrosa is so proud of its philanthropic business approach. Each month we give back to a local charity by raising money daily in our restaurant. This month is Autism Awareness Month so we have paired up with the Flying Point Foundation for Autism. In the months coming up we are working with Paquatuck Camp and the Parrish Art Museum. -Brittney Epley

What are some of your customer’s favorite menu items and creations?

I would say that our most popular menu items are our burrito bowls and burritos with marinated grilled chicken.

My favorite at Sabrosa is a bowl with quinoa! My friends and I love the bowls and we love to share chips and guacamole. I also love quesadillas with cheese, chicken and veggies! My favorite soup is definitely the spicy chicken corn chowder but I never forget to finish the meal with a cup of gelato. -Hannah Andreassi

Sabrosa Mexican Grill is open seven days a week from 11am to 9pm. For more information, please visit


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