Salt of the Earth Spa- Woodbury

salt of the earth spa woodbury

Salt of the Earth Spa, located in Woodbury, CT is a unique salt therapy spa, and so much more. Using natural Himalayan sea salt to change the concentration of anions in the air, a selection of treatment rooms offer restoration at a molecular level. Sue, the founder, devoted her life to helping others unplug and reclaim the vital “me time” to provide self-care that is often the first thing to be cut out of a busy and stressful schedule. She also strives to inspire others on the importance of clean, pure air and drinking water.

salt of the earth spa woodbury ct

Just a short drive from the NYC area, this is an ideal place to pamper oneself. Their treatments offer the perfect balance of physical and spiritual wellbeing. The anion charge of the salt is scientifically proven to engage human neurological synapses and the upper and lower respiratory system. Events such as yoga, meditation, and various events are held in the largest salt cave room. A beachscape style room offers a chance to expose children to the positive anion air effects in what is essentially a giant sandbox complete with beach toys.

salt of the earth spa woodbury
Photos courtesy of Salt of the Earth

A handful of experienced, highly specialized therapists offer treatment options to fit every need. Massage including infrared massage, reflexology, and touch therapy are available. You can also reap the benefits of Himalayan sea salt by indulging in the anion-fortified Liquid Chocolate brand hot cocoa and chocolate confections made on-premise. Or, take home the ingredients for a soothing organic essential oil salt soak. Her products are made by hand and each one is unique. // 203-586-1172