Seamore’s in Montauk

Seamore’s Montauk

Editor’s Note: this restaurant has closed. Please visit their New York City locations.

Located at At Knowhere (aka Breakers MTK) at 769 Old Montauk Highway, Seamore’s opened their flagship outpost in Montauk in early July. A stunning ocean view just across the highway awaits visitors to this hip, laid-back dining spot. The dining room is on the upstairs deck and offers outdoor and indoor seating. We chose to sit inside as we preferred a quieter dining experience. It was already getting busy at just before 6pm on a Wednesday with most guests choosing to sit on the deck. There’s also a covered bar below the restaurant overlooking the pool. On the opposite side of the property, there is a spacious lawn for playing outdoor games and for a piece of relaxation.

To drink, my husband had the Montauk ‘Wave Chaser’ on draft ($10) and I had the Cucumber Mint Fresca ($6). The also have a Watermelon Aguas Frescas. I loved that the Fresca was not sweetened and was very thirst quenching. A wedge of lime added the perfect citrus touch. There’s also a curated cocktail menu and wine list.

Seamore's Montauk

Our Tasting Menu

Poke: Ponzu, Peanut, Avocado ($20)

Seared Fish Taco (make it a burrito): Mole, Pickled Onions, Avocado, Jalapeño Mayo with Brown Rice and Greens $22

Mini Kale + Avocado Salad: Walnuts, Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Honey-Apple Vinaigrette ($10)

Lobster Roll: Creme Fraiche, Fennel, Lemon with Sweet Potato Fries ($28)

Mac n’ Cheese: Three Cheeses, Bread Crumbs ($10)

Specials of the day included a Pork Belly Taco($18), a Porgy Seared Taco, and a Crispy Hake Taco. The daily landings (daily catch) included Striped Bass, Blackened Thresher Shark, and Scallops. Everything was exceptional; you could tell instantly that the chef took great care in pairing the fresh ingredients together to create these lip-smacking, memorable dishes. We dove in to the Poke, and the mini kale and avocado salad was a perfect pairing, if you wish to go on the lighter side.

The Lobster Roll was very well done. The sweet potato fries were a great compliment to the roll. Just a touch less crème fraîche would do the trick next time. My husband loved his seared fish burrito; a very hearty and satisfying plate. My daughter loved the mac n’ cheese but surprisingly, she was really digging the Poke! That was her first time having raw fish and she really enjoyed it! I think she loved the crunchy peanuts on top.

For dessert, they offer a Tropical Fruit Salad with Strawberry Cream Yogurt ($10).

Seamore’s in Montauk is open 12-10pm daily.

Visit there other two locations in Manhattan: Nolita at 390 Broome St and Chelsea at 161 8th Avenue. We look forward to coming in to Manhattan to visit these locations in the fall. // 631-483-5131


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