SELF’s 2nd Annual UpNOut Studio at Spring Studios NYC

Self UpnOut Studio

This past Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and 16th, I had a blast participating in Self Magazine’s 2nd annual UpNOut Studio, which brought together 22 of the hottest boutique studio workouts and trainers all under one roof at the spacious Springs Studios in TriBeCa. The event space, renowned as the top choice for photographers, filmmakers, and publications from around the world, was equipped with professional, caring staff members and ample space for the fitness classes. Each event goer had plenty of space to store their belongings, relax, and move about.

I attended on Sunday, and stayed for three classes: CITYROW, Aerospace High Performance Center, and ((305)) Fitness. I had taken CITYROW and ((305)) Fitness pop-up classes in Montauk during the past three summers.

CITYROW held a forty-minute class incorporated interval sets of intense rowing and calisthenics. I hit ’42’ on the rower at my fastest, or 42 rows per minute! Aerospace was intense! This extreme workout mixed plyometrics and boxing with the use of a jumprope. I had not used a jumprope (which I am disappointed about myself to admit) in over two years, and phew was my butt whipped. My calves ached so much the next day but it was well worth it. I now made a promise to incorporate the use of a jumprope into my fitness routine going forward. I was missing out! Last on my roster was 305 Fitness, a heart-pounding cardio dance class that makes you forget you are working out. Ever second is a blast of energy and fun, I could go and go for hours with 305. Every instructor rocked!

At the event I met with Senior Digital Editor of Self Magazine, Bari Lieberman, who explained that having a balance of strength training and cardiovascular exercises is essential for a strong fitness foundation. “The one thing that hurts the most, is the one you should be doing more of,” added Lieberman. “Jump-roping is a great example of something we could do more of. Also, the foam roller is a very important piece of equipment. Doing five minutes of working with the foam roller prior to a workout is one of the smartest things you could do because you will be improving your mobility, making your workout more effective. It is just as important to think of what you are doing when you are not working out and how you can enhance your practice.”

Self UpnOut Studio

I had to share this photo above of the Pure Barre setup, which followed CITYROW. I am a Pure Barre instructor so of course it is recommended that you try new exercises, but if you have not yet taken a class, you must come on in! I am sure you will love it.

Self UpnOut Studio

The event was even more than fitness classes! Guests left with a loaded swag bag that included sponsor samples, a water bottle, a cooling towel, and tons of free fitness class passes! Towel service was provided during the event in additional to the lounge which hosted an on-site braid bar, healthy snack samples, massages, and a super-cute photo booth!

2016 studios included: The Class by Taryn Toomey, THE FHITTING ROOM, Barry’s Bootcamp, M N D F L, Y7 Studio, PlyoJam®, Pure Barre, The Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC), ((305)) Fitness, CITYROW, The People’s Bootcamp, SWERVE Fitness, Shred415, SKY TING YOGA, Exceed Physical Culture, Kettlebell Kickboxing, Aerospace High Performance Center, Be Aligned by Lauren Roxburgh, KGBody, DanceBody, Tight Club Athletics, and KORE.

Repeat fitness studios from 2015 were: ((305)) FitnessCITYROWKettlebell Kickboxing,PlyoJam and Pure Barre. 

2016 sponsors were: Batiste™ Dry Shampoo, Barnana, BRAMI Beans, Danskin, Element Hotels, Fabletics, GEICO®, Manduka, Nature’s Bakery, Propel, Suave Professionals, Jessica Simpson The Warm Up, thinkThin, Vega Protein, Yogi, FRESH – Trainer Products + Bathroom, Jonathan Adler Candles, and Lululemon mats, which were in the Restorative studio.

“We wanted to feature healthy, whole foods from brands who promote wellness, which is so in line with our #UpNOut ethos that the event is based on,” said Self Magazine’s Deputy Editor, Liz Plosser.


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