Simply Charmed

Simply Charmed

I have attended several dinner parties and events this year, and I cannot tell you how many times I placed my cocktail or wine glass down and could not decipher which glass was mine, even between one or two individuals I was conversing with. It always ended up with starting over with a fresh cocktail. To help eliminate waisting precious libations and to add some spice to your beverage, Simply Charmed has the answer!

Simply Charmed

Simply Charmed are strong magnetic charms that attach to any glass, including margarita glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, and even beer mugs. The magnets attach through the cup and are very strong so there is no movement. The charms will only come off when you decide to take them off. They also make for the perfect touch to any table setting and are a subtle conversation starter among new friends.

The Simply Charmed options are a brilliant addition to any gathering all year round. Their charm sets include adorable fun-in-the-sun charms, designer purses, flowers, wedding, His & Hers, Swarovski crystals, Napa valley, Top Chef, sports, emojis, dogs, cats, Spooky Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many more. Some of my favorite sets include Friends in the Garden and Kitty Cats. Become the most unforgettable hostess by rotating your favorite charm sets for your year round soirees. These charms also make elegant and unique hostess, birthday, bridal and housewarming gifts.

Two Wine Glasses And The Bottle At Background

I used my Thanksgiving Feast for Twelve set at a recent family gathering and everyone, men and women like, admired the charms. I will also be using the charms tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We all tend to place our wine glasses down on one table or another, and unless you can remember exactly where you placed your glass among lively conversation and good fun, it is very likely you may accidentally pick up someone else’s glass. These charms are eye-catching and fun and will be used again and again for many years to come.

Package prices range from $15.99-$27.99. // 760-271-2440


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