A Great Night’s Rest with Solay Sleep


This is a sponsored article written on behalf of Solay Sleep. All opinions are mine alone. 

Many of us seem to take sleep for granted, myself included, especially in recent months. The summer season is always my busiest and thus is the time of year when my sleeping patterns are the most inconsistent. Between the months of May-August is when I attend the most evening events, when I do the most short-distance travel between either New York City and or New England, and when my bedtimes fluctuate as rapidly as the summer seems to fly by. When I take on my most hectic schedule is when I should be receiving the best night’s sleep. I always try to aim for at east nine to ten hours of sleep per night and the least amount of stimulating distractions as possible.

solay sleep foam pillow review

Solay Sleep could not have arrived at a better time. A great night’s sleep is nothing less than essential as my busy season begins to wind down. Solay Sleep is a new mattress company that was founded just over two years ago a providers luxury hybrid mattresses, bed frames, and premium foam pillows all manufactured in the USA. Created with comfort in mind by combining breathable cooling foam layers on top of hundreds or supportive pocked coils, you will not only get a great night’s sleep, but also feel totally restored in the morning. The mattress is available in Classic and Luxury and comes in six sizes ranging from a Twin to a California King.
Customers will receive free shipping, a 180-night risk free trial, and a 25-year warranty.

solay sleep foam pillow review

Their premium foam pillows are the perfect compliment to your Solay Sleep mattress and have personally been receiving the best night’s sleep with mine over these past couple of weeks. Available in both standard and king sizes, the pillow provides the perfect mesh of support and comfort. My daughter particularly loves the pillow and one afternoon we had the pillow next two where she was reading to me. I had laid my head down on it for what I thought was just a few moments, and according to my husband I was out like a light for thirty minutes. 

I am confident you will fall in love with Solay Sleep as I have. Put getting a great night’s sleep as your top priority and get the rest and comfort you deserve, every night.

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solay sleep foam pillow review

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