Specialty Food Friday: 10 Best Things I Ate in 2016

Super Saturday Hamptons

At my third visit to the Summer Fancy Food Show, I combed through hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of products to learn of the up-and-coming food trends. In addition, I seek out new and interesting specialty food products and local grocery stores and specialty markets. I am especially thrilled about this year’s top ten selection.

Discover my ten favorite specialty food brands and items from 2016.

Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes

I am not shy to admit I took these with tea in the afternoon at least three to four days a week. These are some of my favorite tea cookies. The flavors of ginger and lemon are so distinct. I originally found these in my local UK grocery store in Connecticut and have since been purchasing them on Amazon.

Joel’s Outrageous

Outrageous is an understatement! My husband, daughter and I could not resist trying them within ten minutes after emerging from the oven: they were so soft, chewy, and chocolatey.

Elyxus Olive Oil

Quite seriously the best olive oil I have ever tasted. A tour olive oil connoisseur sips about a teaspoon of olive oil rather than dunking bread into the oil. This luxurious olive oil hails from Morocco and was discovered at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

Sweet Gabriel Cupcakes

Cupcakes that are a work of art. You cannot resist this Montauk-based baking company for each holiday and birthday throughout the year. These seashell cupcakes were so beautiful (and so delicious).


Melt Organic

A sensational replacement for butter/margarine. If you crave that classic, creamy taste of butter, I encourage you to try this virgin coconut oil based spread that is dairy-free and naturally sweetened with wildflower honey.

Lemon and Ginger, MilkBoy Chocolates

Their lemon and ginger chocolate bar is one of the best bars of chocolate I have ever had. Think of a gingersnap that eloped with a lemon cream cookie in a sea of splendid chocolate. Their chocolate bars make perfect gifts for the holidays.

Honey Creme Lavender, Honey Ridge Farms

Their lavender honey creme is well suited for desserts, many cocktails, iced teas and lemonade, as well as fruit salads. For me, their honey complimented perfectly with scones, tea, and moist rosemary bread.

Molly’s Cupcakes

I visited this hip cupcake shop, located in the West Village of Manhattan, to purchase some cupcakes for a friends’s birthday celebration. I could not resist getting one (okay two) for myself. I head-over-heels for their Ron Bennington cupcake: a super-moist chocolate cupcake with creamy peanut butter filling.

DSC_0513 (1)

Maple Almond, PERFECT Bar

Now we are starting to get to the healthy stuff! I can’t get over how delicious the taste is of PERFECT bars, especially the maple almond. A great meal replacement/snack alternative, I have these after returning home from teaching my morning fitness classes. For just a few reason why this bar is so perfect: each Perfect Bar is loaded with up to 17 grams of whole-food protein, and contains more than 20 superfoods!

Banana Nut, Health Warrior

As a chia seed lover, these are over the moon. It is my favorite snack pre/post workout and especially after an invigorating hike in Montauk. My daughter requests these by name almost on a daily basis: “chi-ah bar! chi-ahh bar!”

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