Specialty Food Friday: New Products by My Favorites

Fancy Food Show

I am always thrilled to learn when my favorite specialty food companies launch a new food or beverage product. I am pleased to share four new favorites from some of my pantry staples. These were exhibited and or launched at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show in Manhattan.

Rigoni di Asiago- Nocciolata


Nocciolata has been the only hazelnut and cocoa spread in my pantry closet since I first discovered Rigoni di Asiago in 2012. The Nocciolata Dairy Free spread recently won the prestigious sofi™ Award: Best New Product, Nut/Seed Butter Category. A well deserved award as I could not help but dive my spoon right in and eat from the jar (a practice I am reluctant to ever admit!) Nocciolata contains far less sugar than other chocolate-hazelnut spreads and is free from hydrogenated fats. Nocciolata Dairy Free contains no milk and is certified vegan. Made with cold-pressed sunflower oil, Nocciolata is non-GMO, gluten-free, palm oil free, and organic.

Purchase Nocciolata online at retailers such as Amazon or find a store near you. King Kullen and Provisions, for example, sell Rigoni di Asiago products.

Social Media: @NocciolataUSA

Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle has two new Gluten Free flavors: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Chocolate Chip. Both have the same great brownie flavor and crunch as the original but made with gluten free ingredients. I could eat this crispy brownie squares like potato chips. The Founder is a true genius and is always whipping up new products. The company has also created Brownie Brittle Bites and a new product called Cookie Bites. Brownie Brittle Bites are Sheila G’s original Brownie Brittle enrobed in chocolate and the Cookie Bites are chocolate chip cookie dough coated in chocolate. Truly irresistible!

Purchase via their website or find a store near you. Brownie Brittle is sold at King Kullen, Costco, Stop n’ Shop, and Target.

Social Media: @browniebrittle

Crown Maple

Crown Maple

The maple syrup that is just too brilliant for words! It was Crown Maple who first introduced me to incorporating maple syrup into several sweet and savory recipes, rather than simply being drizzled atop waffles and pancakes. Crown Maple recently released three flavor-infused syrups: Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla and Applewood-Smoked Syrup. The Vanilla infused is lovely mixed in to oatmeal and baked goods, the Cinnamon complements yogurts and cheeses well, and the Applewood-Smoked is perfect for grilling, sauces, and mixology. Be sure to visit the Crown Maple Estate in New York’s Hudson Valley. Crown Maple is certified organic and Kosher.

Purchase via their website or find a retail partner near you. Crown Maple is sold at Whole Foods and Bristol Farms.

Social Media: @crownmaple

Pasta Snacks

Pasta Chips

One of my favorite on-the-go snacks and the best chip to incorporate into recipes, Vintage Italia recently unveiled their new Pasta Bow Ties. Made with real semolina flour, four flavors include Meatball Parm, Honey Butter, Smooth Cheddar, and Creamy Ranch. 120 calories per serving and non-GMO, these were so crunchy and addictive, as you could see, the Smooth Cheddar did not even make it to the photo. My daughter and I devoured the bag within a day, and began within minutes of arriving at our doorstep.

Purchase via their website or find a store near you.

Social Media: @eatpastasnacks

If you attended the Fancy Food Show, I would love to hear your favorites as well!


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