Specialty Food Friday: Pasta Chips


I was first introduced to Pasta Chips at the Super Saturday event I attended during the latter part of July. The staff was so friendly and great to speak with! Once I told them about my food blog, they provided me with four different types of Pasta Chips to try at home: Spicy Tomato, Alfredo, Marinara and Sea Salt. Each chip was bursting with flavors of the Italian countryside! The Spicy Tomato flavor, for example, reminded me of the spicy red pepper flakes I love to generously season my hearty pasta dishes at home. You taste that spicy kick about five seconds after the first bite. The sea salt flavor was not salty at all, and in fact had a hint of sweetness, very subtle. The Alfredo brought me back to thinking of one of my favorite pasta dishes: whole wheat penne with Alfredo sauce, asparagus, and prosciutto. The Alfredo was not particularly cheesy, but I liked it that way.

Each flavor is inspired by a sauce, and tied to a region or city in Italy. Mediterranean Sea Salt will remind you of Puglia, the Marinara was inspired by Naples, the Spicy Tomato Herb from Calabria, and the Alfredo takes a nod to Rome, for example. What is so terrific about these chips are only 120 calories per serving, they have 60% less fat than regular potato chips, and are low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

In my opinion, the pasta chips are best eaten plain, or with a plain Greek yogurt or sour cream, letting the spices and Italian seasonings sprinkle into your dip of choice. So for example, I definitely would not mix the chips with any type of spicy dip or salsa, otherwise, it would overpower the chips. The most I would consider would be a light spinach dip. I found myself lounging poolside and enjoying them with a tall glass of unsweetened iced tea or ice water; I even was walking around the house eating them, which is something I rarely do. The sea salt flavor pairs well with a sharp cheese like Asiago or white cheddar or even hummus with marinated olives because it is very very lightly seasoned with sea salt.

My favorite? Definitely the Marinara with the Alfredo being a close second. I finished the Marinara after three servings. The only flavor I have not tried is the garlic olive oil; about two days ago, I scoured King Kullen looking for more Pasta Chips and wanted to redeem my free bag of Pasta Chips coupon I received at Super Saturday. However, I could not find them (I looked in the Natural food, crackers, and potato chip aisles) but will try again as I notice on their location page they sell them at all King Kullen grocery stores. I should have asked someone who worked there but I really don’t like to bother them and understand they are busy and probably have a lot of questions tossed their way all day long about where to find items in the store.

Jerry Bello is the founder and creator of Pasta Chips. For more information, please visit http://pastachips.elsstore.com


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