Specialty Food Friday: Peter Rabbit Organics


Two weeks ago, I purchased a twelve pack case of Peter Rabbit Organics that contained six varieties of their organic fruit and vegetable blends in squeeze pouches. This is a small company that was founded on the notion that there were very few, if any, products out there for children that were not made with artificial flavors and colors, added salts, and sugars. Local ingredients are sourced in the United States and all of their products are produced in Oregon.

It had been a while since I enjoyed their products. I ate them all of the time when I commuted to grad school from the Hamptons a few years back and I relied on these pouches to carry me through the day as a snack I could rely on that would not go bad. I could easily store the squeeze pouches in my purse or backpack. I went either from classroom to classroom, building to building and across boroughs in all different types of weather, knowing that the Peter Rabbit Organic snacks would still be fit to consume. I would enjoy two to even three pouches a day to keep me energized and alert. Peter Rabbit Organics was the perfect, healthy snack and one that I would recommend to everyone.

I have been enjoying Peter Rabbit Organics since I discovered the company in 2010. Initially, it was the name that caught my eye. I am a huge Beatrix Potter fan, as you may know from my decorating Sarah’s nursery with Peter Rabbit and friends scenes, animals, and furniture.

Children are very lucky to have these delicious, pureed fruit and veggie blends that come in convenient, hand-held packages. These are perfect for long trips and it is a wonderful way to make sure your children and even the adults in the family get the proper servings of fruits and vegetables. The puree pouches each contain a generous serving of fruit and vegetables and can be enjoyed straight from the pouch, no spoon required! The BPA-free pouches do not require to be refrigerated before eating but they should be refrigerated if you only decide to have half of the pouch, for example. I would keep the pouch refrigerated for no more than a day for children under a year and no more than three days for adults. These snacks are ideal for children ages six months and up. My daughter will start to enjoy these organic snacks in about a month or so, around her first birthday.

These healthy snacks come in five fruit blends and six veggie blends. The fruit blends include raspberry, banana, and blueberry; apple and grape; mango, banana, and orange; peach and apple; and strawberry and banana. The veggie blends are beet, carrot, and pear; kale, broccoli, and mango; carrot, squash, and apple; pea, spinach, apple; sweet potato, corn, and apple; and pumpkin, carrot, and apple.

You could purchase these snacks on Amazon, which is where I always purchase mine. For more information, please visit http://www.peterrabbitorganics.com or http://www.pumpkintreesnacks.com 


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