Specialty Food Friday: Pop Art Snacks


Much like Andy Warhol did for the Campbell’s Soup can in the art world, Pop Art Snacks does for snack food. Their array of eccentric popcorn flavors include Rosemary with Italian Truffles, White Pepper Parmesan, White Cheddar Jalapeño, Nori with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Tandoori Yogurt, and Thai Coconut Curry that are all organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and made from whole grain. Their non-GMO verified popcorns are the Rosemary Truffle, Nori with Toasted Sesame Seeds, and Thai Coconut Curry only. I had an opportunity to try five of the six popcorn flavors (except Tandoori Yogurt).

My favorite? It was a tough decision but both the Thai Coconut Curry and Rosemary Truffle were an accompaniment with my sandwich, wrap, and salad on many occasions. Friends and family members who came over also tried the popcorn and were raving about it. The Thai Coconut Curry is infused with savory spices mixed with creamy coconut milk, reminiscent of a tropical adventure to Thailand. The Rosemary Truffle popcorn has the aromatic evergreen flavor of Rosemary and the earthy richness of “the Italian Black Summer Truffles.” It is a fusion of romantic and elegant flavors in each bite.

Below is an exclusive interview with Mike Dobson, Co-Founder of Pop Art Snacks. Pop Art Snacks is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is your favorite piece of artwork by Andy Warhol?  

There are many pieces by Warhol that we love!  His ability to transform the ordinary object like the Campbell’s soup can, into something extraordinary really is similar to what we are doing with Pop Art Snacks.  We take popcorn the ordinary all American snack and elevate it by infusing it with fun out of the box flavor combinations.  The Campbell’s soup can is a classic and it is a special piece when you see it in real life.

What is yours and Venessa’s favorite Pop Art Snacks Creation?  

Like children, we love all of our flavors equally.  There is a soft spot for our Rosemary Truffle which we created first while we were living in Brooklyn New York.  We use to make this flavor for dinner parties and everyone loved it!  We knew we were on to something but it wasn’t until we moved to Utah that we started to make and sell it at Farmers Markets that it really took off.

Which flavors did you create first? Any new flavors in the making?

Rosemary Truffle was the first flavor.  We have some exciting new flavors that we will be launching the beginning of next year!

I love the variety of flavors. How are you inspired with your creations?

We love food and are inspired by different spices and seasonings that different chefs and cultures use.  We take that inspiration into the kitchen with us and try it on Popcorn.

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