Specialty Food Friday: Rhythm Superfoods’ Kale Chips


I have grown to become a great admirer of kale chips as a completely guilt-free, raw and vegan snack. This “superfood” by Rhythm Superfoods is one your fingers could dive right into, where you will experience a crunchy, zesty taste loaded with healthy benefits and good fun. I tried three flavors: Kool Ranch, Zesty Nacho, and Bombay Curry. In total, there are eight flavors with the others being: Original, Pineapple Coconut, Mango Habanero, Texas BBQ, and Honey Mustard. The Mango Habanero sounds tantalizing.

I found this particular brand at King Kullen’s Wild By Nature aisle in Bridgehampton and felt it was worth a try. Kale chips are truly the ubiquitous snack of the Hamptons. Around every corner in every market, you will find every variety, package size, and type of presentation.


My favorite flavor was definitely the Zesty Nacho. It had a nice bite to it, with a touch of chipotle, and garlic taste. The spices give some energy to your taste-buds, making you crave more and more. These are the perfect snack to join you for an afternoon at the beach, at work, at the park, or while lounging about at home.

The kale chips are for everyone! They are vegan, raw, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, a great source of protein, and a good source of fiber. And, there is an even great super-food dose for you! Rhythm Superfoods also makes baked chips and broccoli bites. View their range of snacks here. Near us, they are sold at Stop & Shop and King Kullen, as well as on Amazon. The price ranges between $5.50 and $6.50 per 2 oz package. The company was founded in late 2010 and recently launched their new Broccoli Bites this year.



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