Specialty Food Friday: Sencha Naturals


This week, I received a box in the mail from Sencha Naturals that contained five different green tea mint flavors packaged in pocket-size tubes in five flavors: Sen Cha Original, Bombay Chai, Tropical Mango, Pink Dragon Fruit, and Moroccan Mint, in addition to a sample of their Green Tea + C that comes in three flavors: Dragon Fruit, Ginger, and Original. What I love about the green tea mints are that they are shaped just like a mint leaf, which I find to be so innovative and recognizable to the brand. Sencha Naturals mints also come in shallow, circular tin canisters that perfectly fit in your carry bag or purse.

With the mints, you are more than tempted to enjoy at least two at a time. My favorite mint flavor would have to be the mango.When you first taste, them you get a small burst of cool, mint, followed by that fruity, tropical taste that tastes much more like a mango rather than sugar that you may taste with other mints. Lastly, you get another rush of the mint flavor, going back and forth between minty and fruity. My second favorite, the Dragon Fruit, did the opposite: a hint of fruit in the beginning, then the mint chiming in, with the fruit flavor dominating. The Dragon Fruit had a very pleasant aftertaste.

I love to enjoy green tea in the mid to late afternoon, plain without any type of sweetener. Every now and then, especially when I am feeling a bit congested, I will add a slice of fresh ginger and lemon to my green tea. Did you know that, according to their website, just three SEN CHA Green Tea Mints contain the anitoxidant equivalent of about one cup of green tea, with low caffeine. Their Green Tea + C is packed with healthy ingredients that you could learn more about here.

If you are looking for a gift for an upcoming birthday or event, check out their gift selection, including mint variety packs here. Sencha Naturals sells their products at the Vitamin Shoppe across the United States, in addition to independently owned markets.

Sencha Naturals products are diary-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and sugar-free. Instead, Sencha Naturals uses two kinds of sugar-free sweeteners in their products, depending upon the flavor: Stevia or Sorbitol. Read more abou their ingredient list here. For more information, please visit http://www.senchanaturals.com


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