Spring Entertaining with Chilled Rosé & Fresh Foods

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There is nothing that epitomizes the warm spring and summer months like opening your favorite bottle of chilled rosé! In the Hamptons especially, rosé is a must for every in-season gathering. As the busy summer season approaches swiftly out east and my workload is ever expanding, it is so important that I take a little downtime for myself that is spent with family and close friends.


Cavit Rosé is my go-to for the season! I love how easily it pairs with small plates, desserts, or by itself as an aperitif. Imported from Italy, Cavit Rosé has a well-balanced, fresh, dry, Provence-style character with refreshing notes of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and watermelon. I love to enjoy a chilled glass during these warm afternoons and evenings on my patio paired with an abundance of sunshine and plenty of laughter.

The quality of Cavit Rosé is unmatched at its affordable price point! Grab a bottle or two, and a few other treats to create the perfect rosé-inspired evening.



I am completed obsessed with My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream! It is a masterful marriage of premium, creamy ice cream wrapped in a chewy, sweet rice dough. I already can tell based upon everyone’s reaction at home after trying My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream that this is going to be the hit of the summer! I received three our of their eight flavors: Sweet Mango, Ripe Strawberry, and Cookies & Cream. That milky taste and soft texture is so fun and delectable, it was impossible to have just one!

A fun tip: create a colorful, fun snack centerpiece by mixing and matching the My/ Mo Mochi Ice Cream on a whimsical serving tray!

Find a store near you that sells My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream.

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While I like my rosé chilled on its own, I have friends and family who love to mix in some spritzers, so I always make sure I have other bubbly beverages and plenty of ice around. These Izzie Sparkling Apple flavored sodas are the perfect mixer!

For our salads, we enjoy adding Brianna’s Salad Dressings, and to add a little pop of playful color to the party, how perfect are these Party Mix flavored gummy bears by Project 7?



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