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Sun Basket

I had the opportunity to receive and review three meals from Sun Basket during the week of December 18th 2017. Sun Basket is a weekly delivery service that brings healthy meal kits created from organic, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients from the country’s best farms.

As someone who never ever likes to waste food and who loves to try new recipes, I really enjoyed and appreciated this experience very much. The meal kits are ideal for many us, including those work long hours and who may not have time to fumble around the grocery stores, those who enjoy delicious and healthy food with no hassle and little prep/cook time, and for those who may not enjoy cooking. I recently read a letter in Specialty Food Magazine quoting an article in the Harvard Business Review by Eddie Yoon who reports that only 10% of consumers love to cook. This research found that consumers fell into one of three groups: people who love to cook, and cook often; people who hate to cook; and people who sometimes like to cook.

Sun Basket

The Sun Basket Meal Kits are perfect for everyone, no matter what category you fall into. I personally do love to cook, I will be honest. I just don’t like doing dishes. Cooking and baking for me is almost therapeutic. I love the aromas, textures, and just experimenting in the kitchen. I noticed recently my daughter, who is almost four, loves to help and watch me and my husband cook in our kitchen. These meal kits were fun for her and a great learning tool. We laid out each ingredient and I taught her the names of each ingredient and we talked about the step by step instructions of how to make each meal.

Shipping was fast and each meal kit is carefully divided by ingredients within each paper bag. It is encouraged to recycle your box, including the interior packaging. Sun Basket is very serious when it comes to sustainability and it says so in their packaging. Unpack and refrigerate your Sun Basket meals as soon as possible.

Sun Basket

Before you begin cooking, it is important to read your recipe all the way through. Cook seafood recipes first, then meats, followed by hardier vegetable-based dishes. The three meals we received are as follows:

  1. Almond-crusted sole
  2. Lemongrass tofu
  3. Mexican Meatball Soup

Sun Basket

Sun Basket

Sun Basket

Each recipe takes under an hour to make (including meals that you could make ahead), and some are even as short as twenty minutes. Your meal kits come with a recipe booklet. We kept our recipe booklet for recreating these dishes at home for the future. Each recipes denotes if it is dairy free, soy free, gluten-free, etc. with the amount of calories per serving at the top. In the lower right-hand corner you will find the nutritional information breakdown.

My husband’s favorite was the Almond-crusted sole and mine was the Lemongrass tofu. Everything was so fresh, succulent, and bursting with flavor. The directions are very easy to comprehend and follow. Tips are also provided. I would do this again in a heartbeat and it also makes for a great gift!

On the back of your recipe book, you can check out next week’s menu. Dishes that caught my eye included the Buddha bowls with braised tofu, and the Catalan roasted chicken with root vegetables.

Weekly meal plans include Gluten-Free, Mediterranean, Pescatarian, Paleo, Vegan, and more. You can choose from the Classic Menu or the Family Menu.

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