Sunday Shopping at The Milk Pail

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We are so lucky out here on The East End to have The Milk Pail, a fresh market that is open year round, in addition to their seasonal apple orchard. You and your family, and friends can visit anytime during the autumn months and pick delicious apples from the dozens of pristine rows. The orchard is so well-maintained; you will never see a fallen apple in the grass, the grass is perfectly cared for and manicured, and best of all, pesticides are a big no-no.

Of course, this is a place I look forward to bringing my daughter to for apple picking when she is older. I remember visiting here as a young child, buying pumpkins, apple cider, and picking apples. The Milk Pail was founded over forty years ago in 1969, and did you know that the youngest members of the Halsey family (the owners) are 12th generation farmers? The family originally came to The East End in the 1640’s. It is a really treat to come here, and it is an experience every family in the Hamptons must have.

Today, I would like to share with you what we purchased to give you taste of what to expect when you shop here next!

 Apple Cider: Truly a Hamptons staple. It has a very smooth, slightly sweet taste and full, fresh nostalgic flavor. As I was picking up the half gallon size, a gentleman next to me explained, “Get the gallon size. This is the best apple cider you will ever taste.” I certainly agree and would have purchased the gallon size except the price was over our budget for that afternoon. Next time, the gallon size is on our to-buy list.


 Apples: The Milk Pail grows the best selection of apples on The East End.  We purchased a bag of the Cameo apples for $14.95. It is well worth the price. These apples are so scrumptious, juicy, satisfying with ribbons of sweet in each bite. Cameo apples, a fairly new cultivation, are known for their firm and crisp texture with an aromatic flavor in each bite. 

 Everything Cookies: These cookies’s ingredients include dried cranberries, oats, raisins, coconut, and chocolate chips and are made by Bibbi’s Baked Goods based in Bridgehampton. One of my husband’s favorite cookies, each bite is equal parts chewy and crunchy, and packed with flavor. You can find these cookies immediately when you arrive on a wooden shelf near the brownies and donuts.

Lorna’s Nuts and Goodies- Roasted Rosemary & Olive Oil Cashews: I love Lorna’s variety of nuts, and especially this particular mixture. Rosemary is one of my favorite spices and using it to spice up a bag of cashews couldn’t be more brilliant! There is a gentle hint of sweet and spice in each crunchy bite. Another favorite is her Squirrel’s Nuts mixture with pretzels, almonds, caramel and chocolate; you must try them! Don’t be surprised if you buy more than one bag.

In addition to the items listed above, the fresh market offers such items from sale as peaches, flowers, herbs, honey, cheese, maple syrup, nut butters, pies, donuts, and more. My favorite items are their apple crisp pies and their apple cider donuts.

Gift packs are available for purchase online, and gift baskets sold at their Watermill location. The Milk Pail is open daily: Monday thru Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm, and on Sunday from 10am to 5:30pm. For more information, please visit


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