Sunday Stroll in Sag Harbor

Red Thread Good Coffee

Last Sunday, my husband and I took our daughter out in the carriage for a stroll around sunny Sag Harbor. It can be challenging to find a restaurant that is not only child friendly but one that allows carriages. I totally understand that it can be an inconvenience for restaurant patrons and staff, but as long as there is plenty of room, that’s great! Sarah usually rests when my husband and I go out to eat. When she’s up, we take turns eating and feeding her, making sure she is happy and comfortable as she is our number one priority. We never want to disturb other guests, so in the rare occasion she gets fussy, one of us will hold her and walk around close to the table or outside. She is so observant and loves to look at people. You could tell she is very fascinated by her surroundings!

We were able to grab a quick lunch at Muse in the Harbor. My husband had his usual burger with Tabasco sauce on the side to add to his ketchup for the french fries. I had the raw tuna Ménage à Trois with the de la Muse Salad (called the fall/winter apple salad on their dinner menu). They changed up the salad ONLY for brunch, taking away the smoked salmon “bacon” and the crispy Gruyere bread pudding. I suppose they decided to have a lighter version in the morning and afternoon, which I disagree with. They should keep the bread pudding for both brunch/lunch and dinner. I’m glad they did away with the smoked salmon, it was too much. My favorite part is the blood orange marmalade Caesar dressing that envelopes all of the ingredients together nicely. The chef must have listened to my suggestion (at least for brunch). I ALWAYS ordered the salad without the smoked salmon “bacon.”

I missed my raw tuna dishes while I was pregnant. The three selections of raw tuna that they offer is a tuna tartare mixed with a couscous salad with marinated black olives; the second is a blackened tuna lollipop coated with a candied wasabi crust on whipped avocado; the third choice is a tuna carpaccio with seaweed salad. I love how the chef creates these innovative and fun dishes. Whipped avocado with pistachios is divine and I am a huge fan of seaweed salad and couscous.The blend of ingredients in this dish is an upbeat party on my palate.

Next, we headed over to Sylvester and Co just down Main Street, diagonally across the street. I hadn’t been into Sylvester for quite some time, more than a year. It’s a chic general store that sells sweets, furniture, clothing and more. I was taking a look at their cookies and chocolate. Oh  my! I need to get one for a special occasion, they look THAT GOOD! There is one cookie that looks like chocolate chunk cookie that is big and thick enough to feed two to three people. If you have ever been to Disney World, it looks very similar to the “Minnie’s Bake Shop” cookies. Another cookie that looks scrumptious is a chewy caramel cookie. They were also selling yummy gourmet Easter chocolates.

I grabbed an iced Dreamery coffee that has hints of raw dark chocolate and almonds. I am not an avid coffee drinker but this coffee had me come back twice in one week. I also ask for not too much ice and I like the fact that you can add your own milk, sugar, etc. This coffee doesn’t need any added sugar or sweetener.Plus don’t forget your punch card for ten cups of coffee, you will get one free after purchasing ten. The cards are located at the milk and sugar counter.

I will keep you updated with a review of their cookies. I will try to post a review within the next two months! The crowds are coming this way already and the summer is approaching to full swing mode! Many more reviews and event coverage coming soon.


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