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Sweet Defeat

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As a food journalist, I am not only tasting new foods on a regular basis, there is quite often that temptation to overindulge and give in to cravings, especially sugar cravings, whether I am at an event, media dinner, cocktail party, or trade show. I never realized until very recently not only how much sugar is so easily accessible for me but how much I consumed in a day! Even though my portions have significantly decreased since giving birth to my son last summer, I still found myself giving in to sugary snacks such as chocolates, cookies, crackers, candied nuts, granola bars, and so much more. 

Sweet Defeat

My daily eating patterns would be a small breakfast, small, usually healthy, lunch at home, but then come dinner, I usually met people out at a restaurant and then would come home and sit on the couch with my husband once our children went to bed and we would sit and snack together on sweets: everything from caramels to chocolate drizzled popcorn. I ate until I felt full but then would regret as I was brushing my teeth. I was desperate to break the cycle.

A little over a month ago, I was introduced to Sweet Defeat. Sweet Defeat’s natural plant-based lozenges come in individual packets that help to curb sugar cravings before they begin. This prompted me to begin my one month sugar-free challenge, which I never thought I would be able to pull off. The timing could not have been any better as I was less than one month away from hosting my first major event in the Hamptons. I wanted to make sure I looked and felt my best.

Sweet Defeat
After each meal and two hours before the next I would take one Sweet Defeat. Their mints dissolve on your tongue, which takes about 2-3 minutes, and the craving for sugar always dissipated. Interestingly, I accidentally or mindlessly ate something sweet (a dark chocolate chip cookie) that someone gave me fifteen minutes after I had a Sweet Defeat lozenge, and it tasted so unappetizing. It created a bitter taste, and thus lessened my desire even more for sugary snacks.

The little packets fit easily in my handbag and I was also able to take them with me while on the go. When dining out, I would take one after the first course, and would then usually bring my main course home with me to have later.

For me it was about time that I completed a sugar detox, which helped to transform my lifestyle patterns. The Sweet Defeat 30 Day Detox was perfect for me because it was enough time for me to feel a change and stick to removing added sugars. Plus the product helped me see through the full 30 days! There are two things I noticed very clearly: I had more natural energy and I felt satisfied after I ate verses craving that sweet treat towards the end of the evening. I also noticed I drank less coffee even though caffeine never really had an effect on my energy level and I also consumed more vegetables, foods with higher grams of protein, and more fiber. It’s crazy how lowering the amount of added sugar can change my body to wanting more nutrient dense foods like vegetables! I did not have to force myself to incorporate these healthier foods into my diet. I feel alert, accomplished, and very satisfied with the results.

Sweet Defeat Vanessa Gordon

Overall, I was very pleased with Sweet Defeat. I became more aware of the foods I was eating, I naturally ate more vegetables, lean meats, and foods with fiber and protein. I also had and continue to have more energy and I feel more alert. I have as much energy as I did over ten years ago and am able to keep up with my two children even more! I don’t feel as tired at the end of the day.

Whether you are looking to restart your eating habits, cut sugar out of your diet, and or live a more active and healthier lifestyle, I highly suggest you give Sweet Defeat a try!

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