Sweet Sunday: Anke’s Fit Bakery


While at the Montauk Juice Factory a few weeks back, I noticed that fitness trainer, Anke Albert, was selling her baked goods there. I couldn’t resist and decided to purchase two: one package of peanut butter bars, and one package of the chocolate oat crunch cookies. After purchasing, I looked up which other products Anke sells. Other products include cranberry almond oat cookies, ginger snaps, cranberry almond granola, and cocoa banana granola. Next time, I would love to try the cocoa banana granola. I love the combination of dried bananas and chocolate. I must point out that I love the slogan, “A Fitness Trainer Goes Cookies” on the website’s header, that is too funny! Phrases like that really capture your attention and made me want to read more about Anke and her background as a fitness trainer. I learned that in addition to the fantastic GBE class she teaches on Main Beach on Saturdays at 7:30am (I took one class about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to take another one soon when my schedule opens up, Anke is such a sweet individual), she hails from Germany and is also a personal trainer.


I love the ingredients that are used in making these products and you could tell right away that each is carefully homemade and packaged. Though for the packaging, I would suggest perhaps a small box that sections of the cookies because I noticed quite a few were crumbling. This is okay of course if you wanted to do what I did and add the chocolate oat cookies to yogurt with fruit.

My favorite out of the two would be the peanut butter bars. The chocolate oat cookies were a little dry, I would recommend adding some cacao nibs or chunks of dried fruit to this cookie. The peanut butter bars tasted like a gourmet Do-Si-Do, but not nearly as sweet, which I liked. I loved that nutty, crunchy, and smooth taste mixed all in one. It is super to have a dessert that has so much nutritional value. A great deal of the issue with food nowadays is that most of our foods are so nutritionally deficient and the reason we are so hungry all of the time is because we are eating foods that have empty calories or very little nutrition. I felt very satisfied after one of the peanut butter cookies as a mid morning snack and it gave me a little boost of energy for the afternoon and it kept me full for a few hours.

Anke’s Fit Bakery products are sold at a variety of locations in the Hamptons, including the Juicy Naam in Sag Harbor, Montauk Juice Factory in Montauk, and SagTown Coffee in Sag Harbor. You could purchase her products online here, though I am not sure how well they ship, hopefully they do! For more information, please visit http://www.ankesfitbakery.com


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