Sweet Sunday: Studmuffin Desserts New Bleecker Street Brittle

studmuffin desserts

Do you remember when I wrote a review of Studmuffin Desserts this past September? I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Love Bucket-size container of the new Bleecker Street Brittle. When I opened up the package, I was enveloped by a comforting, buttery, peanut-y toffee scent. I couldn’t wait another instant. I dove right in to the thick, crunchy pieces that each included generous, large peanut pieces. This is a dessert you would want to hide from those guests who tend to make their way curiously around your kitchen.

Each piece is a little larger than bite-size, so fresh tasting, and breaks apart without creating any more crumbs. I knew that since I loved the founder Seth Raphaeli’s Jackie O’s and Sinner & Saints cookies, I knew the peanut brittle would also be a hit. He never disappoints his clients! His desserts are more than high quality, they are superior in quality. These high-end, luxury desserts are in a category of their own with a taste and texture that is unlike anything you have ever tried before.

“I worked on perfecting the Bleecker Street Brittle during 2014 as the Signature Cookie sales took off.  We wanted to bring out the best possible product balancing crunch, sweetness, and texture for a big flavorful taste experience,” explains Raphaeli.

The Love Bucket size has twelve servings, but at the pace I was enjoying it, you’d think it was a serving for four. I was ravenous to say the least; it took me no time to bolt down the entire container mercilessly.

In addition to his gluten-free peanut brittle, Studmuffin Desserts also creates delectable cookies, and “space-cake” whoopie pies. The cookies are sold in small, medium, and large satchels (perfect additions to swag bags), and in the Stud and Love Buckets which are each approximately one pound. The Bleecker Street Brittle is reminiscent of the chic sweetness of the West Village’s Bleecker Street cobblestone. A very high-class and contemporary dessert to satisfy the finest sweet tooth.

Studmuffin Desserts Signature Cookies and Bleecker Street Brittle are prepared from only the best locally sourced ingredients in the West Village and are available at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Foragers City Grocery, Todd English Food Hall at NYC’s The Plaza Hotel, Mrs. Green’s All Natural Markets in the tri-state area, and Ahalife.com. For more information, please visit http://www.studmuffindesserts.nyc/


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