Sweet Sunday: Buddhaberry Frozen Yogurt


I have visited Buddhaberry already three times in the past two and a half weeks. I am delighted a self-serve frozen yogurt shop has opened in the Hamptons, and what better location than the Sag Harbor Village. This frozen yogurt cafe originated in Montauk and now two locations in addition to a third coming soon in Southampton. Before I knew of their third location, I thought Southampton would be the next ideal location. The decor inside is a cheerful sunny orange with an abundance of young children walking around fascinated by the endlessarray of flavors and toppings to choose from.

I can’t say enough that is positive about Buddhaberry. There frozen yogurt flavors change on a weekly basis or more, so you know you will experience new flavors regularly. The second day I visited, for example, they had peanut butter AND jelly! How could you go wrong? Of course, you had two mix the two. For example they will have four or five sets of three dispensers, two that have their own separate flavor and one dispenser in the middle that twists the two flavors together. The first visit I had watermelon which was very refreshing and went perfectly with finely shaven cacao nibs and chia seeds.

As far as flavors and topping  combinations, the sky is the limit. They have simple self serve toppings on the walls and then you could ask the friendly staff to add chocolate and candy bar type toppings that are behind a glass counter. Liquid toppings are located right when you walk in up the stairs on the right hand side. Frozen yogurt flavors (including vegan, non-fat, Greek yogurt, low fat, no sugar added, and reduced far Italian gelato soft serve) are cinnamon vanilla, sea salt caramel, candy bar smash-UP, cookies and cream, sweet mango, raspberry tart, blueberry tart, peanut butter fudge, java caramel Greek, Brooklyn cheesecake, red velvet cupcake and white chocolate mousse. A selection of their toppings are raw organic pumpkin seeds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chocolate seashells, gummy dinosaurs, dark chocolate raspberry truffles, flax seed, organic granola, and organic dried goji berries. You name it, they have it! Don’t hesitate to ask for a taste of the frozen yogurt before you decide. You will find yourself visiting on multiple occasions, especially since this is such a great place to bring your family and friends. There are tables available inside with plenty of benches throughout the villages. Bring your frozen yogurt to Bay Street for boat watching.

Frozen yogurt and toppings together are sold by the ounce, approximately 70 cents an oz. Look for their postcards at the counter that offer 10% off your purchase!

At the Sag Harbor location, there are two entrances: the front steps and around on the right hand side for easy access for those with wheelchairs or strollers.

For more information, please visit http://www.buddhaberry.com


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