Sweet Sunday- Cittanuova’s Sorbetti

Citta Nuova Dessert

This Sunday’s dessert is a refreshing raspberry Sorbet for Cittanuova gelato and sorbet counter. My husband and I visited here after a trip to the LongHouse Reserve. The weather was so beautiful and warm and we wanted to share something light. Cittanuova is great because you could either enjoy your gelato at your table or take it will you to go.

You will notice that this restaurant which openly welcomes children always has a variety of flavors to choose from. From cream, stracciatella (my favorite) and chocolate to a variety of fruity sorbets, it is sometimes so tricky to choose just one flavor. The restaurant offers one ($3), two ($5) or three scoops ($6). We went for three as we were splitting it. 

Often you will see the children crowd around the gelato counter in anticipation for dessert. The bar tender will let you sample flavors.

I wish they offered seasonal or holiday flavored gelato. Gelato in the Hamptons is not fairly common. How about pumpkin spice gelato in the fall and gingerbread cookie gelato in the winter? Plus I wish they served cookie dough gelato. What an indulgence that would be!

The best time to stop by for dessert is mid afternoon between 2 and 3pm. What are your favorite gelato and sorbet flavors?


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