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Delicious Delights Bakery is one pastry business you would not want to skip out on! This full service bakery, currently in its third full season, offers customers homemade, all natural baked goods with no additives or preservatives. Owner and Pastry Chef, Amy Mandala, is a graduate of The Art Institute of New York. Mandala had the outstanding accompaniment of recently making it to the final round of auditions for TLC’s show Next Great Baker!

The bakery is based out of the Calverton Incubator. Mandala always knew she wanted to own her business. After working at Starbucks and Starr Boggs in Westhampton, and then what originally started off as a cupcake booth, turned into a “soup to nuts” business. Everything seen on the table above Mandala creates by hand herself, and so much more.

I had the opportunity to try a blueberry scone, a lemon infused lemon tea cake, mini key lime pie, and a raspberry tart.

delicious delights bakery

The key lime pie knocked it out of the park and was my favorite out of all three. Luscious, creamy and even more delicious after each taste. You know that her key lime pie is homemade with the finest ingredients not only by its taste but also by its appearance; real key lime pie is does not possess that ubiquitous bright green color. The scone was delicious, and after a day it was still moist and you could taste the ripe blueberries in each bite. The lemon infused lemon tea cake was very unique, also very moist and the infusion of lemon was very summer-like. The raspberry tart tasted very fresh and was also a hit. Her baked goods would be a lovely compliment to an afternoon tea or garden party.

“[For the business], we started off with scones,” explains Mandala. “Scones get such a bad rep in the world. In many instances, they are so hard as a rock that you could break a window with them. Our scones are made by hand and made with fresh fruit, European butter and high fat heavy cream which gives them a higher moisture content.” Delicious Delights Bakery makes savory and sweet scones. Scones flavors include blueberry, cranberry, and chocolate chip.

“In the heart of the summer, I do about seven to eight flavors of scones a day. The case is full of just scones. For the key lime pies, I make them with fresh key lime juice from Florida shipped up in the galloon, graham cracker crust, and coconut custard that is not overly sweet. I cut a lot of sugar out of all of my products. In the scones, for example, there is just one cup of sugar amongst 36 scones. I want you to be able to taste the flavor of the product you are eating. I want you to taste the key lime.” All of her pies are hand rolled, with no lard in the crust.

Popular baked goods include her key lime pie, the lemon infused lemon tea cake and pound cake, raspberry tarts, chocolate crumb cake, scones, and her fresh fruit tarts which were sold out by the time I arrived. The fresh fruit tarts were made with a butter crust, vanilla custard, and topped with fresh strawberries, kiwi slices, and blackberries that were fanned out on top creating a beautiful design.

Mandala, and her mother, Judy, make an exceptional team as they compliment one another with the business. Her mother is very supportive and lends a hand by by organizing the table, suggesting recipes, working with and designing the decorations, and was the one who originally got her started in baking. “I got my baking from my mom,” says Mandala.

As a full-service bakery, Mandala is an expert at creating all kinds of favors for baby showers, weddings, graduations, and birthday parties. “I just did an engagement party where I made an engagement ring cookie, and for the bridal shower I did a Tiffany box cake,” says Mandala. “For that bride, I will be making a groom’s cake with an underwater fish theme, and for the favors I will create butter cookies topped with an icing. It is way less sugary than sugar cookies topped with icing. Mandala also does customized cakes and other baked goods upon request by the customer.

In 1995, Mandala was featured on the cover of Newsday’s Food Day section for A Mexican Pizza she created:


For Mandala’s personal favorite treats, the brownies (especially the brownie crusts), and the key lime pie come out on top. Recently, Mandala created #1 Mom Raspberry Tarts for Mother’s Day, cake pops, and Cookie Flower Pots for special occasions.

Delicious Delights Bakery can be found at the Islip, Huntington, and Riverhead Farmers’ Markets, in addition to her baked goods being sold at Goodale Farms in Riverhead and the Country Garden Farm on Millstone Road in Watermill. For more information, please visit www.deliciousdelightsbakery.com or for personalized orders, call 631-523-7865


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