Sweet Sunday: Fancy Food Show Favorites

Summer Fancy Food Show

Within the categories of desserts and sweeteners, my primary focus was on discovering notable international food brands and as well as domestic brands with certified organic and non-GMO labels. For a taste of sweet, I had my eye on satisfying, unique treats rather than ones that are often considered indulgent like dense cakes, custards, and cheesecakes.

Below is a sample of some of my favorites I rediscovered and grew fond of at the food show.

Brownie Brittle

Organic Brownie Brittle: one of my favorite chocolatey, crunchy treats I have been enjoying for almost two years. Recently, Brownie Brittle released their new organic label that is available in three flavors including: Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate & Pretzel and Chocolate & Toasted Coconut. These three flavors are available in a five-ounce resealable package ($4.99). In addition, Organic Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle is available in a 16-ounce club store-sized bag, for sale now in select Costco regions around the nation for $8.99.


McGhee’s Bite size Caramel Shortcakes: Hailing from Scotland, McGhee’s specializes in baking a variety of breads, rolls, and baked goods such as seeded bread, sandwich rolls, baguettes, danishes, and savory Scotch pies. These caramel and chocolate layered biscuits would make a lovely presentation at a family gathering, birthday party, or shower. In no time, these sweet squares will be the hot topic of conversation.

McVitie's Digestives

McVitie’s Digestives Dark Chocolate Wheat Biscuits: McVitie’s is a staple in the United Kingdom. The company has a wide range of products, with their dark chocolate biscuits being my favorite. I take my biscuits with a cuppa gently sweetened black orange pekoe tea. Their UK-based website is so adorable, you have to check it out!

East India Tea Company

The Grown Up Chocolate Company: Believe it or not, I first discovered the Grown Up Chocolate Company on a return flight from the UK this past spring and have been so fond of this fun, cheeky chocolate company ever since. I was thrilled to see them at the food show this year. Though not at the food show but should be next year is my favorite East End Tea Company, pictured together.

Honey Ridge Farms: A small family-owned company out of Washington State, Honey Ridge Farms sells a range of gourmet honey products such as vinegars, grilling sauce, and honey cremes that are perfect for baking and spreading on scones, and croissants. Their lavender honey creme, for example, is well suited for desserts, many cocktails, iced teas and lemonade, as well as fruit salads. 9 oz jars retail at $9.99.

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