Sweet Sunday: Guava Mousse Cheesecake at Harlow East

Harlow East opened its doors in place of the former B. Smith restaurant on the Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. Harlow is the name of their NYC restaurant. When we arrived, the hostess and the waitstaff were very friendly. The decor inside is almost exactly the same as it was when it was B. Smith’s: a nautical theme with white-washed walls, navy trim, a centrally located bar, and a generous amount of outdoor seating. I was craving something sweet on a weekday during the mid afternoon, and had been reading their menu online and decided to come in and try their Guava Mousse Cheesecake.

We sat at a tall bar table just as you walk inside to the left. I was able to take a few pictures of the interior. It was not time for dinner yet, so there were only a few guests outside on the deck enjoying a raw seafood platter and some people scattered here and there around the bar. When I ordered my dessert, I paired it with a glass of their house rose. My dessert arrived ten minutes later.

The cheesecake ($10) was made with a cheesecake mousse, guava jelly, guava sorbet, and a salty-sweet biscuit. The salty-sweet biscuit was hiding under the scoop of guava sorbet, I would have liked to have tasted more of that. I loved the flavors of the guava: the creamy mousse mixed with the cool sorbet. The guava jelly felt a little out of place; I would have liked it if it was cheesecake infused with guava flavors or if it were a layer of the jelly underneath the cheesecake mousse.

The views of the harbor are magnificent; however, the prices are not as much. I was a little disappointed by the size of the cheesecake and it could have used a mint sprig and a bit more flavor from the guava, perhaps a drizzle. It doesn’t surprise me about the portion and the price anymore really. Remember, this is the Hamptons, and we pay Hamptons prices. The one great thing about out here is that everything is so close together, which saves money on travel. So all in all, it evens itself out.

As far as visiting for lunch, I don’t think I will be coming in this summer. If they come back next year, I would consider it. I would try their Montauk Fish Tacos ($19): crispy striped bass, green cabbage, and creamy chipotle.

For more information, please visit http://sagharbor.harlownyc.com

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