Sweet Sunday: Ladurée NYC


Ladurée NYC is a staple visit for me each time I head into Manhattan. Located on Madison Avenue between 70th and 71st street, it is whimsical, pastel colored wonderland that houses my favorite, luxurious dessert: French macarons. I always take a snapshot with my iPhone of their front window that is always so meticulously decorated with macaron trees.

There are some macaron flavors that rotate seasonally. My two favorites are year-round classics: vanilla, and caramel with salted butter. Those are always the dominant flavors in my box. Additional flavors I purchased were: rose petal, strawberry candy, chocolate, pistachio, Marie Antoinette, date fig, orange blossom, and toffee. The Marie-Antoinette macaron is made of two sky blue crispy shells, filled with a fondant cream infused with Laduree NYC Marie Antoinette tea. It would have also purchased citron but that flavor was not in during my particular visit.

The packaging of the macarons is breathtaking, though for me it is a challenge to not open the gorgeous box before I arrive home to the Hamptons. When I step inside my home, I immediately dive right into a rainbow of high-end Parisian decadence. The soft, chewy texture, distinctness of flavors, entrancing scent.  Macarons are as sweet as we would only want them to be, and thus perfect to pair with a cup of tea or a latte. Each macaron is equivalent to a cappuccino or macchiato (around $3/each), but it is worth every penny. I indulge in these macarons three to four times a year, buy a box of $30, and never wince at the price.

Ladurée NYC has several ‘houses’ across the world including in Ireland, Kuwait, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This past summer, they had a delivery service to the Hamptons! From what I have heard from the company, the intention is to repeat that same service in 2016. I love their tote bags too, and purchased one when I was at Versailles in 2013.



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