Sweet Sunday: Lucy’s Cookies


My mom was the one who introduced me to Lucy’s Cookies two years ago after her trip to a natural food store in Connecticut called New Morning. My taste in cookies goes like this: I will choose to eat either fresh from the oven warm, soft chocolate chunk cookies or small, bite size (very) crunchy chocolate chip cookies. Lucy’s Cookies of course fit into the latter category. These cookies are so scrumptious and so easy to snack on, that it would be impossible to eat just one. With each serving I enjoy of these cookies, I eat at least two to three, okay fine, four. I will enjoy them with some black tea or a short glass of milk.


During my trip to Shop Rite in Connecticut, I purchased three flavors: sugar cookie, chocolate chip, maple bliss with a retail price of $5.99 per box. These cookies are great for almost everyone as they are gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher, peanut-free, tree-nut free, and vegan. Children and adults will love these cookies that have a crunchy, airy texture to them, and are packed with a sweet, delectable flavor. These cookies are ideal to have around the house for impromptu guests or for simply your own snacking pleasure.

My favorite out of all three is the maple bliss. I liked the sugar and the chocolate chip flavors very much although I felt the sugar cookies had a td too much sugar for my taste, which also added a layer of even more crunchy texture to the top. The chocolate chip cookies were a bit dry for my palate. The maple bliss had a sweet ribbon of maple trailing through each bite and paired perfectly with my earl grey/orange pekoe tea.

Additional flavors include: ginger snap, chocolate, cinnamon thin, chocolate mint, pumpkin patch, their snack n’ go combo and in chocolate chip, and (for the holidays) their holidays sugars, a sugar cookie with “holiday twinkle”. Lucy’s Cookies are sold on Amazon, Peanut Free Planet, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, Whole Foods Market, BJs, to name a few. Many natural food grocery stores sell Lucy’s cookies as well. For more information, please visit http://drlucys.com/


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