Sweet Sunday: Ralph’s Famous Italian Ice and Ice Cream


During last week’s Greenport Maritime Festival, I stopped in to this eye-catching sundae and Italian ice shop, who was also selling popcorn, cotton candy, donuts, and other sweet treats at their storefront during the festival. This popular event attracts locals and visitors alike with their merry music, sailboats, plenty of activities, food, drinks, local vendors, contests, and much more around the seaside town. It is quite a difference to visit this town during a regular weekend; you may not even recognize it! love cotton candy but I have to be in the mood for it, especially as I have grown older. It always catches my eye but I have to remember that is just pure sugar but fun to eat.

I was looking for something sweet and originally came to this location looking for an Italian ice combination of either watermelon and lime or coconut and pineapple, something fruity, tangy, and on the sweet side. We stopped into Ralph’s, which no one in our group had ever been to, and there were a few people gathered around the counter in front of us, then all of a sudden, ten more people arrived behind us, mostly families with eager children with eyes much larger than their stomachs; they wanted everything in site from a bag of mix and match your own candy, to a gigantic helping of Italian ice.

Ralph’s Italian ice - East End Taste

I was the only one among all of that went to the festival that did not order Italian ice! What caught my eye was a small poster on the left-hand side of the counter that advertised their new sundae creation called “the sweet and salty,” a blend of creamy soft serve vanilla ice cream, with a generous amount of chocolate covered pretzels, with ribbons of caramel, and what tasted like fresh whipped cream. The size was perfect as I did not have lunch yet. I asked for a small amount of whipped cream but I actually could have had more because it was so tasty. For me, if it is not fresh, homemade whipped cream, I rarely, if ever eat. It is just not this same. The sundae far surpassed my expectations; I just love that salty sweet combination. It reminds me of a “Take 5” candy bar, one of my favorites. Would I come hear again during my next visit to Greenport? Without a doubt! They have an endless amount of flavors and combinations for their water ices and sherbert and it is in such a great location on Front Street, within walking distance to the harbor.

The flavors of water ice they offer are immense and the combinations are endless. Flavors include peach, sour cherry, root beer, mai tai, honey dew, Caribbean splash, Malibu bay breeze, citrus twister, and pink lemonade. I would like to do a combination of the honey dew with the pineapple, and Caribbean splash. Sherbert (aka creme ice) flavors are a bit more inventive, including banzai banana, carrot cake, cherry jubilee, jelly ring, PB cookie dough, spumoni, toffee bar crunch, and pumpkin pie (available in late summer).

They also sell smoothies, coffee drinks, and much more. Have look at their menu board in the pictures above. They have numerous locations across Long Island. For example, Ralph’s has a location in Riverhead close to the Aquarium off of RT-25. For more information, please visit http://www.ralphsices.com/