Sweet Sunday- Rowdy Hall’s Chocolate Mousse

Rowdy hall mousse

This Sunday, we were able to finally dine outside on Rowdy Hall’s patio during the late afternoon for some dessert. My and my husband’s favorite dessert here is their chocolate mousse, which we always love to split. We noticed that they now added a meringue garnish for some added sweetened texture. Chocolate mousse is one of my all-time favorite desserts. There is nothing like a rich, smooth mousse topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Chocolate shavings, thick or thin, are a must for any chocolate mousse.

We particularly love dining outside because we are able to bring our daughter in our carriage with us. We unfortunately are not able to bring the carriage inside the restaurant, they only allowed this twice during the off-season at a side table. This of course is due to building code.

The portion is just right to either split after your meal or enjoy on your own with a glass of white wine, tea or coffee. I prefer black tea with milk and a touch of sugar. The only suggestion I would make is more mousse and just a tad less whipped cream! The dessert seems to disappear so fast!

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to set some aside some personal time away from the crowds and traffic.


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