Sweet Sunday: Tate’s Bake Shop


First and foremost, I would love to wish all of my readers a very Happy Easter! We are going to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Topping Rose House and are having dinner tonight with our family. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day outside. 

At least once every other month, I stop by Kathleen’s lovely shop on North Sea Road in the Southampton Village, Tate’s Bake Shop. If and when you are in the Hamptons, I must emphasize that a visit to Tate’s is a must! I always recommend visiting this adorable bakery and coffee shop, which is recognized by its pale green exterior and luscious flowers adjacent to the door that are in full bloom in the beginning of springtime. Tate’s Bake Shop is open year round and is also a cozy hangout in the winter.

When I visit, I never leave without their Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are my all time favorite crunchy cookie. In addition, every now and then I will purchase their double chocolate chip cookies, their blondie bars (my brother’s favorite) and one of their pies. Another item that I really love are their ice cream cookie sandwiches featuring their famous chocolate chip cookies. You could easily replicate this at home and add your own ice cream. I love to use either chocolate peanut butter or sea salt caramel ice cream. I am typing this as I reach for the freezer door! What is great is that that when you bite into the ice cream cookie sandwich, they cookie will not crumble or fall apart. I noticed Vanilla Cookies being sold, which is the first time I have spotted that kind.

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I love the light, buttery crunch that the chocolate chip cookies have, and that crunchy, extra chocolaty taste found in each bite of the double chocolate chip cookies. If you wish to store the cookies for a long period of time, place packages in a freezer bag and freeze for up to three months. Thaw cookies for one hour or carefully eat while frozen.

During my visit I also purchased two petite fours and one chocolate peanut butter bar from their display case. The Easter chocolates and confections really put you in that springtime mood. One chocolate masterpiece that catches your eye almost instantly is their “life-size” chocolate Easter bunny that would be the perfect centerpiece at any Easter Sunday gathering. They also were selling mini chocolate Easter eggs, cookies and creme Easter bunnies (my childhood favorite), and colorful Spring-inspired cupcakes.

I own Kathleen’s cookbooks, both autographed by her, and make it a point to bake at least one item of hers every month. I have also received a plethora of positive comments when I use her recipes. I highly recommend referring to her recipes for parties and get togethers. At the store, Kathleen sells many of her items that she features in her cookbooks. Though it is fun to try to replicate them at home. They offer gluten free options for their cookies. Though I have not tasted the gluten free cookies, I intend to do so for another future post. As far as her other baked items that are beautifully displayed in the cooler at the front counter, I have heard a great deal of positive feedback on her made to order cakes for events. Though I wasn’t a fan of the cupcakes from Tate’s I had last summer (I don’t prefer buttercream icing), almost everything at Tate’s is irresistible. To make another note, Ina Garten also put her stamp of approval on this one-of-a-kind bakery. Her first cookbook includes a forward by Ina.

If you are unable to visit Tate’s Bake Shop, their cookies are available in many specialty grocery stores across the country and available at  other Hamptons eateries and grocery stores, including Schiavoni’s Market in Sag Harbor, Brent’s General Store in Amagansett, and the Village Gourmet Cheese Shop in Southampton.


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