Sweet Sunday: The East India Company London


The East India Company is a particularly favorite luxury tea shop of mine and one that I have been shopping at for several years, ever since my first trip to London in 2011. This shop in the heart of London’s shopping district in Mayfair, is a wonderland of exquisite English treats from finest quality loose leaf teas, sugars, and chocolates, to mustards, savory and sweet biscuits, and gift hampers.

Their London boutique shop on Conduit St is very spacious with plenty of samples on each table. You can literally sample your way through the store and then go back and choose which gifts you would like to take home with you. The shop has a masculine touch with a chandelier, plenty of walking room, a crimson selling, and droves of goodies awaiting you.


My husband, some guests, and I enjoyed these biscuits and dark chocolate strawberries during the weekend in the afternoons. Their biscuits and chocolate are a rare treat that everyone enjoying them must slowly savor. During this order, I decided on three cylindrical packages of traditionally baked biscuits that were three for the price of two: Caramel & Sea Salt, Cherry, Chocolate Chip & Chili; and Butter Shortbread with Clotted Cream.


The Real Strawberries enrobed in chocolate are freeze-dried and enrobed in fine Belgian Dark Chocolate. These are not chocolates to indulge in. Enjoy just a few pieces at a time, as they are generous in size, rich and oh-so decadent. Wickedly enchanting, it is a masterful chocolate pairing that everyone must experience.


These biscuits are beyond heavenly. The Caramel & Sea Salt was super crunchy and sweet, a bit of a surprise. I sugary journey for your tastebuds, with a touch of a sticky caramel texture. You get a very slight salty flavor in each bite. This biscuit pairs well with Darjeeling Tea. The Cherry, Chocolate Chip & Chili had a smart combination of spice and crunchy texture. You get that surprise finale of spice, which is, in a sense, very refreshing and new from the sorts of biscuits I generally eat. This biscuit pairs well with Ceylon Tea, which is pictured with some milk and honey. The Butter Shortbread with Clotted Cream is a traditional recipe and one to take your time enjoying as each biscuit is very filling, as it is made with real clotted cream. This biscuit would be a great compliment to a traditional Afternoon Tea. The Butter Shortbread would be perfect together with either an English Breakfast or an Early Grey Tea.


Out of the three, my favorite were the Cherry, Chocolate Chip & Chili. Take your time enjoying the biscuits, as there are approximately between ten to fourteen biscuits in each cylindrical container, depending upon which type of sweet biscuit you buy.

East India Company ships all around the world. They have retail shops in London, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Norway, Finland, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Australia. Please come to the United States, especially New York City! For more information, please visit http://www.eicfinefoods.com


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