Sweet Sunday: The Fix


I learned about “The Fix” cookies while at an event during the month of August in Bridgehampton. The event took place at a boutique, where everything that was all white was on sale (10-20% off), with a portion of the proceeds donated to cancer research. There are tons of events in the Hamptons during the summer that are similar to this, just every other day. “The Fix” cookies were be given away to those that visited the boutique. I didn’t buy anything because really nothing caught my eye and or the items were over my budget (I never like to buy anything until I can think of a specific function to wear it at and I had been eyeing it for some time). I always think before I purchase.

I took two cookies with me when I left the boutique and a bottled water. The cookie flavor I tried both times was White Chocolate Cranberry. It was just okay. It tasted a bit greasy and like it had been sitting around awhile. I like the concept, but I feel you would have to create very innovative, never-before-seen flavors to successfully pull this off. Other flavors they offer include: candy cookie, chocolate chip, rainbow sprinkle, and white chocolate macadamia. I think I would try the candy cookie, if I had the choice.

Though these cookies are great for events and as part of goodie bags, they really aren’t for me. Would ever purchase them or recommend them? No, unfortunately. Just split your cookie in half and share it with a friend or family member.

The Fix is based in New York City. For more information, please visit http://www.thefixyouneed.com


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