Sweet Sunday: Brownie Brittle Holiday Flavors

Ever since I discovered Brownie Brittle at the Summer Fancy Food Show, I have been hooked on its sweet, crispy crunchy texture. I love the innovation of creating scrumptious, brittle squares that you could take anywhere with and enjoy almost anytime. Once I pop open a bag, it is so tough to place the bag in the cupboard. Just like potato chips, you cannot have just one!

I had the pleasure of receiving a package of their Drizzled Holiday Variety Pack, which features Chocolate Chip with Snowflake Drizzle, Salted Caramel with Dark Drizzle, as well as a copy of Sheila G’s first cookbook, Butter & Chocolate. I love how the company dressed up their packaging for the holidays: snowflake shapes cascading down the packaging with a ribbon at the top. Brownie Brittle is such a perfect gift for co-workers, family, friends, and teachers. Their new cookbook is also ideal for anyone and everyone who loves to bake the classics to decadent twists on old favorites.
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Sweet Sunday: Greyston Brownies

Greyston Bakery has 3 delicious brownie flavors: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Snickerdoodle Blondie and Brown Sugar Blondie. I would bet that most if not all of my readers have tasted their brownies before! Why? Their brownies are in a variety of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors including Half Baked, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and their newest flavor Brownie Batter Core. Greyston Bakery has a very unique hiring policy: through their Open Hiring model, they enable job opportunities for people with barriers to employment while bringing together the resources needed to succeed in the workplace and to thrive in the community. The company was founded in 1982 by a Zen Buddhist Monk, Bernie Glassman. He realized there was a homeless epidemic and wanted to offer those people a job, no questions asked, and taught them how to bake.  Continue reading

Sweet Sunday: Brownie Brittle

One of my favorite snacking desserts, Brownie Brittle, debuted their Holiday Collection at the Summer Fancy Food Show this past June. They had a stunning, sprawling display at the event and received many compliments on their crispy, chocolatey varieties. This holiday season, they are adding some festive cheer to their bags as they are adorned with snowflakes.

If you are a fan of freshly baked brownie corners, then you will fall in love with Brownie Brittle. Once I pop open the bag, it is nearly impossible to pry it away from me. And their new holiday flavors surpass my expectation of melt-in-your-mouth cocoa crunch. Each piece has the ideal amount of thickness and tastes so fresh, you just can’t stop!

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