Sweet Sunday: Annie B’s Popcorn and Caramels

Annie B’s Handmade Caramels have to be the best sea salt caramels I have ever tried. I am so delighted to have discovered this company at the Summer Fancy Food Show! Sealed in a handsome tin, reusable container, these caramels are the only sweet gift you should be giving out this season! Her caramels come in such flavors as Chocolate, Butter Rum, Cappuccino, Maple, Apple, Sea Salt, and Original. Recently introduced to the flavor family was Coconut Caramel.

It’s a tango between sweet and salty: each stick of caramel is teeming with a river of velvety, buttery goodness. What may catch you by surprise are the touches of sea salt hidden in each bite. Each piece is a soft, luxurious and sensational, melt-in-your-mouth treat.

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Sweet Sunday: The Candied Anchor

Ahoy candy land! Approaching one year in business at her Montauk location, Jillian Rennar’s Candied Anchor, has captured the hearts of both Montauk locals and visitors that travel from far distances to indulge in sweets and treats galore. As you enter, you are immediately greeted by eye-catching and carefully organized but abundant collections of chocolates, decorative pieces, nostalgic candies, local specialty products, and so much more.

What I love most about this candy shop is that you could find anything and everything your heart desires here for and in most cases, you may find yourself choosing new items that catch your interest. For example, I always go right for the chocolate and confectioneries, such as chocolate covered cherries and chocolate dipped marzipan. Yet I also delved into soda syrups from Sweet’tauk, and picked up some artsy, paper straws for Valentine’s Day.

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