Sweet Sunday: Celebrate Spring with Annie B’s Caramels

Spring has officially sprung on the East End! What a better way to celebrate than to relax the afternoon away at the park, sipping your favorite iced coffee, or walking about the main streets of Mattituck, East Hampton or Greenport while enjoying a little sweet treat? As you may already know, I am a dedicated fan to caramels. The top quality and luscious taste of handcrafted Annie B’s Caramels tops my list as being my all-time favorite caramel company. I as very selective when compiling my Specialty Food: Best Things I Ate in 2015 list, and Annie B’s was one of the best!

Annie B’s is known for using simple, fresh, and gluten-free ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible like brown sugar, butter, and sweetened condensed milk. Based in Minnesota, they also support their local farmers and lessening the carbon footprint.

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Specialty Food Friday: 10 Best Things I Ate in 2015

After I experienced a true treat attending my second Summer Fancy Food Show, I dove deep into learning all about the specialty food industry. Did you know that specialty food, defined as unique and high-value foodstuff  made in small quantities from high-quality ingredients, is a rapidly growing market and yields over 100 billion dollars annually? According to The State of the Specialty Food Industry 2015, the fastest growing categories include pasta, pasta sauces, nut butters, and ready-to-drink tea and coffee.

I am looking forward to attending the 2016 show in Manhattan to discover even more food brands and innovative approaches to culinary products. In the mean time, let’s jump back to 2015 to read about my ten favorite Specialty Food items.

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Annie B’s Caramels Giveaway

I believe by now you must know that I am over the moon in blissful glory with Annie B’s Caramels! I have already featured the company twice, once for their sea salt caramels and on a second occasion for their new chocolate caramels made with cocoa. I am thrilled to be sharing the caramels again with you, this time as a giveaway!

One winner from the U.S. will receive one box of their 16 piece Handmade Chocolate Caramels with a retail value of $8. The giveaway ends on Thursday, October 15th at 11:59pm. One winner will be chosen randomly. Please enter the giveaway below:

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Sweet Sunday: Annie B’s Chocolate and Fall Inspired Caramels

Annie B’s Caramels are the best of the best: slow cooked in a cooper pot, creating comforting buttery goodness. As a hostess, I would place caramels in a bowl as people were entering my home if it were a tea or dessert-focused party. Or, I would include these caramels in gift bags and as part of a dessert table at a gathering. It is hard to resist eating more than one!

I had the recent opportunity to try their chocolate caramel collection that is now made with cocoa that is taking their chocolate, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate sea salt caramels to a whole new level of heavenly chocolate delight. My favorite of the three was the chocolate sea salt. When you entwine chocolate, caramel, and sea salt, it is a blanket of paradise on the tastebuds. I had two a day for about six days.

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Sweet Sunday: Annie B’s Popcorn and Caramels

Annie B’s Handmade Caramels have to be the best sea salt caramels I have ever tried. I am so delighted to have discovered this company at the Summer Fancy Food Show! Sealed in a handsome tin, reusable container, these caramels are the only sweet gift you should be giving out this season! Her caramels come in such flavors as Chocolate, Butter Rum, Cappuccino, Maple, Apple, Sea Salt, and Original. Recently introduced to the flavor family was Coconut Caramel.

It’s a tango between sweet and salty: each stick of caramel is teeming with a river of velvety, buttery goodness. What may catch you by surprise are the touches of sea salt hidden in each bite. Each piece is a soft, luxurious and sensational, melt-in-your-mouth treat.

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