Drink It Tuesday: Mamma Chia

I learned about the Mamma Chia beverage company while I attended Super Saturday a little over a week ago in Watermill. They had their own stand along with a few other companies as part of the famous Hamptons, family-friendly event. They were giving event guests the opportunity to taste a flavor of choice and gave out one bottle of Mamma Chia to each guest, along with a coupon for a free beverage at any retail location. For example, Mamma Chia sells their products at Whole Foods, Target, Wegmans, and Sprouts, to name a few.

I have recently become obsessed with chia seeds, I don’t just throw the word “obsessed” around so easily. About a month or so ago, I accidentally put way too many chia seeds on my Buddhaberry frozen yogurt, I mean there were literally two or three solid layers of chia seeds, like my frozen yogurt erupted them like a volcano. Instead of pouring them out, I ended up nibbling on them plain. I loved that addictive crunch and how it complimented the cool taste of the frozen yogurt. By the way, ever time I order frozen yogurt there, chia seeds are a must! I have never purchased chia seeds plain, but I think that is what I am going to start to do. What is great is that you could add them to almost anything: salad, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, iced tea, hot tea, hummus, anything! The seeds absorb the moisture so if you add them to a beverage, they become soft and plump.

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