North Fork Foodie Tour 2021 Tickets Giveaway

I am honored to host a giveaway for my FAVORITE North Fork event: the 10th Annual North Fork Foodie Tour. This will be my second time at the event, and I am so excited to once again explore the generous bounty of the North Fork, stretching from Riverhead to East Marion. This self-guided, family friendly tour includes educational and edible activities, exclusive tours, goat milking, tastings, and more! About twenty vendors are scheduled to attend including Browder’s Birds and North Fork Roasting Company.
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Drink It Tuesday: Mi-Sook’s Ginger Tea

A simple, down-to-earth, and healthy local beverage is just what the Hamptons needed. Local East Hampton resident and friend, Mi-Sook Dickinson, created Mi-Sook’s Ginger Tea. The chilled ginger and honey can be enjoyed every single day and is made by hand in small batches. Her daughter, Jacqueline Dickinson, assists in crafting the tea and make over 100 bottles weekly.

The concept for creating the business began in 2000 when Mi-Sook worked at the Ross School. Staff at the school would occasionally catch colds and would approach Dickinson for her help. She then extending her skill outside her home and began making the ginger tea for colleagues and friends. A few days after enjoying a bottle of her tea, they would express how well and rejuvenated they felt. Each sip perks you up and gives your immune system a “pep talk.” Continue reading

Specialty Food Friday: New Products from TerraNut

I cannot express enough how much I am enthralled with TerraNut. As a fitness trainer, I need to keep my energy level at its peak throughout most of the day while teaching at local boutique studios. Their P’Nut Punch is my favorite of their cold-pressed nut snacks; I keep these handy in my purse and always look forward to them post workout.

I was delighted to hear of their new products that were launched last month, including their Banana Punch individual morsels, and New Pop no skin popcorn that is non-GMO and gluten-free.

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10 Best Things I Ate in 2015

This past year, I had the incredible honor this year of discovering dozens of new culinary artisans, restaurants, farm stands, boutique bed and breakfasts, and so much more. I had the opportunity to sit down at over three dozen new restaurants that I had never before dined at, and partook in over two dozen benefits, galas, and functions, and a special cheers to the most thrilling summer in the Hamptons and North Fork.

East End Taste in 2015 was an immense success, and 2016 will be even better! I am looking forward to sharing new tastings from my gastronomic journey across the East End and beyond. From comfort classics to homemade creations, below are my top ten “Best Things I Ate in 2015.”

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Specialty Food Friday: TerraNut

In early March of this year, a special bond between myself and TerraNut commenced.  This specialty food product was first introduced to me at the  Riverhead farmers market and again at the Southampton farmers market in the summer.  Instantly, I was taken away by the sweet, peanutty taste that was P’Nut Punch.  The taste accurately mimics that of a Reese’s peanut butter cup.  If one could promise me that exact taste, minus the sugar overload and preservatives, plus a ton of health benefits and energy, I’m in!

TerraNut offers three types of vegan, cold-pressed nut snacks: Paleo Punch, Nut Punch, and P’Nut Punch. Each is lightly sweetened with cane sugar and gluten-free.
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Specialty Food Friday: Peconic River Preserves

Jams and jellies are a favorite gift to give (and receive) during the holiday season. Of course, it couldn’t get any better than hand crafted, small batch fruit preserves made from local East End ingredients. Melissa Sabbatino made the decision to start Peconic River Preserves in 2015, two years after she moved home from Boston.

While she did enjoy working as a public accountant in Boston, she chose to focus on her personal business venture that drew upon skills she learned and grew up with as a child. “My mom taught me how to make jam,” explains Sabbatino. “I grew up in a farming and fishing family, and was taught how to bake and cook at any early age. My dad grew up as a bayman, and we always had high quality local produce and seafood. Cooking was a family tradition.”

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Specialty Food Friday: COPIA Granola

I am happy to introduce you to COPIA Granola, a local granola company that was hatched out of the Stony Brook Business Incubator at Calverton, and has been spreading its wings ever since. COPIA Granola is an all natural granola that is gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients. Ever since I discovered the business at Taste the East End this past May, I have been experimenting with ways of how to incorporate granola into everyday meals. This past week, I have topped off my rice pudding and berry cups with their granola and will be attempting to make some cookies with the granola; a twist on the traditional oatmeal raisin.

Their granola (also available in granola energy bars) comes in three flavors, the first two of which I tried: Cranberry Cashew, Pistachio Almond Cherry, and Hazelnut Fig. It would be impossible to choose which one I liked more, but I will let you make that decision once you try them. Don’t be surprised if you may find the choice difficult as well!

I sat down with Grace Marie Longinetti of COPIA Granola to discuss how to incorporate granola into your favorite recipes, the business’s relationship with Stony Brook’s Incubator in Calverton, and a sneak peak into potentially some new granola flavors.  Continue reading

Sweet Sunday: Rosie’s Country Baking

Rosie’s Country Baking is owned and operated by Rosemary Scheiber. I met in her in person for the first time at Taste the East End a few Sundays ago. What I love most about her stand at the Farmer’s Market in Riverhead, for example, is how decorative she is and how she has a keen eye for detail; it is like walking in to an old-fashioned, country bakery. This is her second year doing the markets. Her notable specialties that she bakes and sells include her specialty whoopie pies, pecan bars, linzer tarts, snickerdoodle cookies, flourless chocolate cookies with walnuts, and coffee crumb cakes.

“I have always been a baker. I discovered whoopie pies when I visited Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and fell in love with them,” explains Scheiber. “I worked hard to recreate the flavors that I tasted originally.”

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Sweet Sunday: Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies

Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies, founded by Janel Ordemann just over a year ago, has created a strong presence on the East End’s specialty food market scene. Her rainbow cookies are more than divine, they are cookies that everyone could enjoy because they are completely allergen free! Yes, it is true, these cookies are: wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan, cholesterol-free, non-GMO, and made with neither artificial colors or preservatives. Parents with elementary school-age children, rejoice! Look no further than these fruity, moist, chocolate-layered cookies for in school birthday celebrations and parties at home.

A friend of my and my husband’s son has severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and soy, and these sensational cookies made me think of him. More and more children seem to have allergies, and sometimes more than one allergy to certain ingredients that many of us take for granted. It is so great to see these new companies come about and give everyone the opportunity to indulge in sweet treats.

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Sweet Sunday: Delicious Delights Bakery

Delicious Delights Bakery is one pastry business you would not want to skip out on! This full service bakery, currently in its third full season, offers customers homemade, all natural baked goods with no additives or preservatives. Owner and Pastry Chef, Amy Mandala, is a graduate of The Art Institute of New York. Mandala had the outstanding accompaniment of recently making it to the final round of auditions for TLC’s show Next Great Baker!

The bakery is based out of the Calverton Incubator. Mandala always knew she wanted to own her business. After working at Starbucks and Starr Boggs in Westhampton, and then what originally started off as a cupcake booth, turned into a “soup to nuts” business. Everything seen on the table above Mandala creates by hand herself, and so much more.

I had the opportunity to try a blueberry scone, a lemon infused lemon tea cake, mini key lime pie, and a raspberry tart.

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An Interview with David Falkowski of Open Minded Organics

David Falkowski’s Open Minded Organics is in a category of its own. Coming into his twelfth season, Open Minded Organics began about the same time as the Sag Harbor Farmers Market, the first premier farmers market on the East End of Long Island. Ever since his business’s inception, he has been successfully cultivating and selling his mushrooms. Based on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton, Dave is very hands on with all areas of production, from beginning to finish.

Originally, Open Minded Organics started off with the idea of landscape design. “I basically started out knocking on back doors in restaurants and developing relationships with the chefs. It is not so much about your product being in a restaurant, it is more of a relationship with the farmer and the chef. It is them who take those products and turn them into something great. Farmer needs to grow consistent quality, beautiful products, the chef needs to be steady with their work. The relationship begins when the chef says to the farmer, this is my commitment to you. What should I do with it? Should I turn it [your product] into something else?”

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An Interview with Lorna Cook of Lorna’s Nuts and Goodies

Lorna’s Nuts and Goodies has been a thriving business since its conception in 2012. From a spiced and candied nut medley, to her new “kick start energy cubes” that were recently named by Gastronomie 491 in NYC as one of the top 5 foods to prepare and recover from the recent NYC Marathon, everyone is and will be nuts for Lorna’s creations.

Since then, it has become even more popular amongst east end locals and fans from around the country. As a resident of East Hampton her entire life, Lorna Cook sits down with me to discuss her businesse’s holiday ventures, her absolute favorite ingredients and her inspirations behind her products, and how her business has strong ties to her hometown and community.

Drink It Tuesday: Sweet’tauk Lemonade

I was first told about Sweet’tauk Lemonade by a friend at work about two years ago and have wanted to try it ever since. I finally got the chance this past Saturday at the Sag Harbor Farmer’s Market. They had three flavors available for sampling: Strawberry Mint (made with triple filtered water, fresh squeezed lemons, strawberry juice, agave nectar, and mint); Oh My Meyer (a top secret recipe that includes triple filtered water, fresh squeezed lemons, Meyer lemon juice, and agave nectar); and Mermaid (Pink!) Lemonade (triple filtered water, fresh lemon juice, agave nectar, and hibiscus flower), I just love the name!

I decided to get the small size for $3 of their Oh My Meyer. I noticed right away that none of their lemonade flavors were sweet at all, which is perfect for that go-to refreshing summer beverage. I never like to drink anything too sweet in the heat of summer. The size was perfect for sipping on while walking around the market. For the next time, I would like to try their tangy limeade.

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