Hamptons Brine

Have you ever tasted sauerkraut? Yes, but have you tasted fermented sauerkraut? It is about time you have! Founder of Hamptons Brine and the woman behind Hamptons Health Coach, Nadia Ernestus, is a grand beam of talent. You may know Nadia already as leading health workshops at The Hayground School in Bridgehampton or have seen her at Sagg Main Beach during the warmer months leading the Samba drum circle in the evenings. I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Nadia and discovered new and informative facts about the process of fermentation (particularly with kraut and kvass) and its extraordinary health benefits.

As an individual who is a nuance to the taste of raw, probiotic kraut and kvass, I never realized the bounties of health benefits that awaited me after tasting just an ounce of the spicy kvass (sauerkraut juice). This is a superfood of great proportions to say the least. After trying Nadia’s raw artisanal spicy kvass, made with organic green cabbage, organic beets, organic jalapeno peppers, sea salt, Himalayan salt, water, I have enjoyed a shot of this nutritious tonic since last Sunday and have avoided the rampant colds going around the school I work at, and my usual, hyperactive sinuses had seemingly cleared away overnight after just one shot of kvass!

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