c/o The Maidstone

Stepping into The Maidstone diagonally across from the tranquil East Hampton pond is a boutique hotel like none other you will ever come across. In all my years of traveling through Europe and North America, I have not yet stumbled upon lodging accommodations and a restaurant that is anywhere similar to what c/o The Maidstone and The Living Room restaurant deliver.

The kindness that the staff exhibits towards each visitor is compelling. It is like they have invited me into their eclectic ‘satellite’ Swedish residence. I met with the Front Office Manager, India Koster, and General Manager, Jakob Berlin. I have met the owner, Jenny Ljungberg on a few occasions, who is so hands on with her properties and oversees all aspects of her c/o lifestyle brand. As an avid art enthusiast and collector, she showcases works of art from her own collection throughout the hotel. The artwork rotates once each year around the month of May.

The Maidstone has 19 individually designed rooms, each inspired by a Scandinavian Celebrity including the Swedish dramatic soprano, Brigit Nilsson; and Norwegian adventurer and scientist, Thor Heyerdahl. I am enamored with each room. Each room is a masterpiece, a world of its own.

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Fridays at the Living Room: Live Music, Cocktails and Signature Swedish Meatballs

As the autumn weather swiftly approaches the Hamptons, it becomes time to cozy up inside, listen to some great music, and sip tempting cocktails among family and friends. The Living Room restaurant kicks off the weekend every Friday with live music by Alfredo Merat and friends, cocktail specials and Chef Mathias Brogie’s specialty Swedish meatballs with creamy potato mash, lingonberry jam and creamy gravy for $20 all night. This special began yesterday, Friday, October 17. After Work bar specials are available daily from 5 to 7 p.m. Bring your friends, co-workers, and family over to enjoy half-priced food items and cocktails from the bar menu, select beer ($5), and house wines ($9).

My husband, my daughter, and I celebrated the beginning of the weekend at The Living Room restaurant while enjoying a glass of wine, one of their specialty cocktails, and their oh-so mouth watering Swedish meatballs. If you have not been here yet, it is about time you stop by!

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Drink it Tuesday- Hedvig’s Punch

Starting this week, I will be featuring a new (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) drink every Tuesday through the first week of October, then starting again in April of next year. The first drink is a favorite at The Living Room c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton called “Hedvig’s Punch”*. This punch is surprisingly not very sweet at all, which I prefer. It is made with fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple & grenadine. The grenadine, like in a Shirley Temple, is not at all overpowering. It is just a tiny splash for color. I love that it is made with freshly squeezed orange juice. It is much better than store bought. I always love to have that in the summer with breakfast. It of course takes time to make and prepare it. At home, we have a juicer and a hand squeeze juicer.

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Afternoon Tea at The Living Room


I had been wanting to visit c/o the Maidstone for Afternoon Tea since last year. Fortunately, I made it early on in the season and intend to visit once a month for this heavenly offering that is only offered on weekends. I understand that last year, Afternoon Tea was only offered during select afternoon hours on the weekend. Now, it has been added to their brunch menu on the weekends.

My family and I visited this past Saturday at 12:30pm and requested the same table we sat in for Mother’s Day. It is a circular table just as you enter the garden area on the left-hand side. There is also a similar four-person table on the right-hand side which is a bit more shaded and private. What I like about the table we sit in is that there is plenty of room for our stroller and room to walk around the table. We used that opportunity to take photos of everyone with baby Sarah. Sitting at the outdoor tables is like being in an elegant country garden or your backyard patio. It is intimate, peaceful and quiet with plenty of fresh air. Plus, you may enjoy your brunch at your leisure for up to two hours or more.

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