Taking Control of Wellness with FitTrack


If you already follow me on Instagram, you may have learned that starting in January, I initiated a lifestyle change where I no longer consume refined foods and processed meats. With this new, more active and wellness-focused way of life I have lost weight, feel more alert, and have therefore set a better standard of living for my family.

Many of my elder family members passed away from heart disease and after beginning to notice a difference in my overall appearance and mood that was unsatisfying for me, I decided to commence this full lifestyle change and have been more than thrilled with the results. Yet before receiving the FitTrack Smart Body BMI scale, I was only able to track my weight progress. Achieving my optimal wellbeing and healthiest self is so much more than just analyzing my weight loss.

With the FitTrack Smart Body BMI scale, I have the opportunity to receive such a diverse and clear analysis of my health, including seventeen different health indexes. These include my BMI, muscle mass, visceral fat percentage, body water, bone mass, protein rate, metabolic age, protein mass, and what my standard weight is. I am able to track my history and see my progress over any period of time so that I may make small adjustments to my lifestyle and see how it may directly affect my health. I love that I am also able to have my metrics with me at all times so that I may refer back to them.

Additional perks of the app include morning and nighttime weighing reminders, the opportunity to sync your health data and link the date to your Fitbit. You may also choose to weigh yourself in kilograms or stones. You may also weigh your infant with just a couple simple steps. For me, the FitTrack scale motivates me further to stay on track with my wellness plan and has inspired me to share my experience with friends and family. Specifically, it encourages me to drink more water and eat more water based foods, especially during these increasingly warm summer months.

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Knowing your body’s water percentage is a significant factor when it comes to weight loss and being able to clearly see my fat percentage reminds me to make smarter choices at home and while dining out. These are results that I had never been able to see before and I am so grateful I always have these metrics at my fingertips.

Share the FitTrack with your loved ones! The scale recognizes eight different users, all while keeping everyone’s data private. My husband, a physician, has already started his own profile and is also very pleased with his ability to track and analyze his results.

The FitTrack app is FREE and available on both Android and iPhone. Use code EASTENDTASTE20 for an additional 20% off the price.