Drink It Tuesday: East End Taste Tasting Series Debuts with WTRMLN WTR

I am thrilled to announce the debut of my summer Tasting Series. The East End Taste Tasting Series will feature a variety of my favorite healthy specialty food items to give my readers/fitness clients an opportunity to taste them for themselves. In conjunction with teaching my first Pilates class at the YMCA in East Hampton on Memorial Day at 9:30am, I gave out complimentary bottles of wtrmlnwtr™ as a way to spread the love and to help hydrate and refuel the body.

I am a huge fan of watermelon juice and especially wtrmlnwtr™, a company I discovered whilst at the Summer Fancy Food Show in June of 2015. I eat and or enjoy watermelon juice/water every day! I need that gentle sip of sweet each morning post-workout, watermelons are my favorite fruit, and each refreshing spot hollers out that the warm sun and summer temps have arrived.

I love the bright, slim, sexy bottle that wtrmlnwtr™ has created. I am a mom-on-the-go, and fitness trainer, thus I am always looking to what can keep me energized as I go about my day. I rarely, if ever, sit still. Now is the perfect time to sip on wtrmlnwtr™; post Memorial Day weekend party, detoxing from all that BBQ and how about a libido boost? Watermelons have you covered!

The East End Taste Tasting Series will kick off in full swing this July and run through Labor Day weekend. Complimentary snacks and beverages will be served post-Pilates classes on Sundays at the Y. Pilates class will begin at 10:30am. Inquire at the front desk for rates and daily passes.

Tasting Series sponsors will be announced within one week of the Sunday Pilates classes.


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