Ten Essential Food Items in Our Kitchen


Food items tend to be used up very quickly in my household. When cooking delicious homemade favorites, we always stock up on our essential kitchen items, from ginger to raw chocolate. My husband and I have compiled a list for you of our top ten most popular food items in the kitchen. Who knows? We may inspire you to cook up some fabulous dishes this evening and to experiment with the grocery items listed below.


Almond butter: after first purchasing almond butter back in autumn, I have been hooked. I used up my first jar of this irresistible spread within a week by adding it to my smoothie mixes and as a spread on crackers. It is the perfect refuel after a busy day or after a very intense morning workout. My favorite smoothie is adding almond butter into a mixture of dates, raw cacao, rice milk, ice and bananas.


Siracha: a mildly spicy essential in every kitchen. This natural chili sauce is good on everything, and I mean everything, from steak and chicken, to pork and fish, even a vegetarian chili dish or a hearty bowl of chili. At home, we use it often as the finishing touch on almost any stir fry and on my husband’s mouthwatering pad thai.


Steak sauce/brown sauce: You always need a superb steak sauce in your kitchen. Use it to create marinades, or dress up a juicy steak, or as a dipping sauce for meatballs. A nod to the British, I use HP sauce as a condiment on sandwiches, hamburgers, and with grilled chicken.


Ground coffee: ground coffee is a necessity, and an excellent quality ground coffee is even better. This is an item you should never cut corners with. I have grown to love coffee more and more as I have grown older and prefer to take my coffee black. Cafe Copan was purchased in Mexico a little less than a month ago.


Brown rice green tea: In my opinion, this is the best green tea, made with roasted brown rice. The aroma is so soothing and it pairs very well with a hearty stew or stir fry or even a platter of raw veggies. We drink this tea two to three times ago, usually once in the late morning and another cup with or before dinner. It is a great hunger suppressant too!


Lime juice: A necessary part of any Tex-Mex or stir fry dish (you can tell we make a ton of stir fry dishes at home). It livens up almost any meal from Mesquite grilled chicken to salsa. Add a little kick to a homemade soda using a simple syrup and seltzer water and as a part of a raw bar spread with clams and oysters.


Ginger: We use ginger on a daily basis. Though mainly for stir fries, I also use (chopped) ginger to make my famous orange spiced iced tea, and I add a slice or two to hot lemon tea or lemon water.


Garlic: I cannot say enough about garlic. If a recipe calls for a tablespoon or just a teaspoon of minced garlic, you know that I will be adding at least a few heaping spoonfuls of garlic. It is considered in our kitchen to be the important spice. Mix garlic in with marinades, pasta dishes, stir fries, soups, and stews. It is your world when garlic is around!


Whole baby clams: You could use clams for tons of dishes. We mainly add these flavorful morsels to pasta sauces, casseroles, clam pies, rice dishes, and soups. You could also create a delectable seafood salad and or seafood pasta. These are perfect to add to any winter or summer dish and is a perfect topping to almost any comfort food dish.


Raw Chocolates/ something sweet: I tend to nibble on sweets throughout the day, and raw chocolate in particular has just the right amount of zing mixed with a velvety smoothness across your tongue. This particular raw chocolate is deliciously blended with raw pomegranates and acai berries. I never like chocolate that is too sweet. I eat chocolate almost on a daily basis, I can never lie about that!


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