Specialty Food Friday: That’s It Fruit Bars

That’s It Fruit Bars

I will be traveling for a number of weeks come this winter and was on the lookout for a healthy fruit snack that could easily fit in my purse or carry-on bag while jetting off. I needed a snack that would be healthy, satisfying, and particularly vegan and non-GMO. When I arrive to airport terminals, I am overwhelmed by the plethora of caffeine and high-sugar meal and drink choices. These options only deplete my energy, and I am still craving more to eat throughout my journey.

It was only recently that I was introduced to That’s it. ® That’s It fruit bars are available in nine flavors, including Apple + Apricots, Apple + Blueberries, and Apple + Pineapple. I received one of each of their nine flavors to try at home. I was very fond of their soft, slightly chewy texture with just the natural taste of sweetness that comes from the fruit. Even better, these bars are rich in dietary fiber!

I was pleasantly surprised that there were only two ingredients in each fruit bar: the two types of fruit as pictured on the packaging, that’s it! It instantly had me pondering why other companies care to add sugar and preservatives to their granola/fruit bars that only mask the natural flavors.

It would be very challenging to choose a favorite bar but two that took the top were Apple + Cherries, and Apple + Mango. These are also excellent snack choices for your little ones at home. My daughter and I share one on our car trips.

Each That’s It. ® bar has two complete servings of fruit. These bars are also very convenient if you are watching your portion intake as they are very satisfying.

Purchase the bars in bulk, or twelve bars of any one flavor for $19.99 or buy a sample pack that includes one of each of their nine flavors for $12.49. Become an email subscriber and save 15% off your first order!

The fruit bars are available at King Kullen, Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, Wild By Nature, and Starbucks.




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