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blue parrot east end taste

This is the second summer we have been coming to the Blue Parrot in East Hampton. We never ate here during the busy summer season. We actually try to avoid all restaurants in town during the peak lunch and dinner hours during the summer. The crowds and wait can really ruin your lunch or dinner time. The location for this restaurant is so great because it is centrally located in the village of East Hampton, and it is hidden away off of a side alley, close to the two hour parking lot.

We like that we when come here for lunch (we have never eaten here for dinner), there is always great background music and it is rarely crowded. On average, about three tables are occupied and there are about two to three guests seated at the bar. We also like how this restaurant is very accommodating and allows strollers inside. The restaurant is also wheelchair friendly, with a ramp located in the outdoor seating area.

blue parrot east hampton east end taste

We sat at a circular table in the front room. There are two dining rooms, with booth seats available in the back room. If you notice in the picture gallery, I love that they had convenient hangers for coats, bags, and purses. It is so much better than having your coat hang over your chair and it allows for more space around your feet and chair.

Because there were six of us in our party, we ordered two appetizers: tres bandidos served with salsa, quacamole, and warm queso fundido, and the calamari served with pico de gallo and chipotle sauce ($16). I loved the calamari so much; I was so surprised by how delicious it tasted! The chipotle sauce was not spicy, but it had a sprinkle of cayenne pepper flavor. The tres bandidos I felt was way overpriced at ($24); the cheese was good but not spectacular and as you may already know, guacamole is notoriously overpriced at practically every restaurant that serves it. We felt that we really should have just ordered two orders of the calamari and just had some chips and salsa on the side. They bring chips to your table as a matter of course.

We ordered three entrees to split among us: The Blue Parrot Burrito with lime-chipotle chicken (you could instead get shrimp, steak, or vegetarian), made with blue beans, rice, salsa, cilantro, a two cheese blend, pico de gallo and sour cream ($20); the Enchiladas: three beefy carne asada rolled tortillas smothered in Ranchero Adovo served with rice and refried beans ($20); and the Blue Parrot Burger: aged Angus beef, a two cheese blend, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle, with chili-spiced fries on the side ($16). The burger was ordered well done with extra onion instead of cheese.

Our favorite entrée out of the three was without question the enchiladas. We felt that should have just ordered the enchiladas and maybe the quesadillas instead of the burrito. The enchiladas were excellent: flavorful, filling, and tasty. The burrito, unfortunately, was very dry and really needed some hot sauce to kick up the flavor. Some extra, melted cheese would have been great too. It would have been great if it came with a side salad or some pico de gallo on the side. The lime chicken was just so-so. In all, we highly recommend the enchilada dish; it took no time to finish that particular dish!

For dessert, they offer churros or a chocolate mousse cake. We were way too full for anything more to eat.

The Blue Parrot is currently open for lunch and dinner beginning at 12pm until 11pm (bar open until 3am) on Saturdays and Sundays and is open for dinner only on Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm until 10pm. The Blue Parrot is open seasonally, from approximately mid May until mid October. The restaurant is located down the alley, just behind Ralph Lauren on Main Street. For more information, please visit


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