Sweet Sunday: The Candied Anchor

the candied anchor east end taste

Ahoy candy land! Approaching one year in business at her Montauk location, Jillian Rennar’s Candied Anchor, has captured the hearts of both Montauk locals and visitors that travel from far distances to indulge in sweets and treats galore. As you enter, you are immediately greeted by eye-catching and carefully organized but abundant collections of chocolates, decorative pieces, nostalgic candies, local specialty products, and so much more.

What I love most about this candy shop is that you could find anything and everything your heart desires here for and in most cases, you may find yourself choosing new items that catch your interest. For example, I always go right for the chocolate and confectioneries, such as chocolate covered cherries and chocolate dipped marzipan. Yet I also delved into soda syrups from Sweet’tauk, and picked up some artsy, paper straws for Valentine’s Day.

the candied anchor east end taste

The first time I stepped into this boutique candy shop, with its decorative crystal chandeliers twinkling in the light, I was greeted by Jillian’s mother, Dawn Rennar, who was extremely sweet and wonderful to speak with. Dawn herself has her own business called Dawn’s Delicious Delights and creates her own pies, brownies, scones, cookies, and cakes and specializes in wedding and shower favors and treats.

For my first visit, I purchased a bag of mixed chocolates that included my favorite chocolate covered cherries, and a bottle of lemon sweet syrup for mixing into carbonated water to make homemade sodas. My favorite was the chocolate covered cherries and the caramel coated chocolate bites. On my second visit, I purchased some floral paper straws, hand-pulled pink taffy, chocolate covered toffee pieces, a Cadbury flake to stir into hot chocolate, and a bag of chocolate covered cherries and pink and red lip candies, all to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. I am so excited for this coming Saturday, but I just might indulge a bit before then. I will see if I could resist the temptation! The next time I visit, which won’t be too long in the future, I will purchase another mixture of chocolate, and some Ramune Japanese soda. I noticed maple syrup was sold there too! The photos will give you a detailed overview of everything you can find at this whimsical candy shop.

Jillian creates her own cotton candy that includes such flavors as watermelon and organic strawberry. That is the first time I had ever heard of organic cotton candy and when I asked Jillian how she does it, she uses organic sugar and an organic strawberry extract. I had a taste of the cotton candy and it was just divine, melting across all corners of my palate.

The mix of classic, hard-to-find candies, with local gourmet products, topped off with friendly service, and an impression selection of candy and chocolate is what makes this shop a must-do when you are in Montauk.

The Candied Anchor also does catering! Choose from packages such as the mini for $250 which includes 50 spun cones and up to one hour of cart service, the classic for $350 that includes 100 spun cones and up to two hours of cart service, or for larger gatherings, the ultra for $550 with up to 200 spun cones and up to three hours of cart service. Jillian can also create something unique and special for your party. This is perfect for any type of family event, birthday, graduation, bridal/baby shower, and more. I would consider this for my daughter’s birthday or a family gathering. I bet everyone would love it!

The Candied Anchor is located in the heart of Montauk Village, adjacent to John’s Pancake House. The shop is usually open seven days a week during the summer months, but is currently open Thursday-Monday from 12-6pm in February. For more information, please visit http://www.candiedanchor.com


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