The Cookbook Gift Guide 2021: Five Recipe Books to Know

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Credit: Murdoch Books and Author Katherine Sabbath, Bake Australia Great

Cookbooks are a classic gift to give during the holiday season. But let’s spice things up a little differently this year. Discover some of our Favorite Recipe Books in Our 2019 Cookbook Gift Guide. These beautiful books lead you away from the typical festive cooking path and bring you to fascinating regions and bountiful finishing results.

Taste The Wild

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Canada, Taste The Wild should be top on your list. Experience the adventurous cuisine of Canada’s wilderness. Written by Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup, they take their readers across the regions of our neighbor to the north. This recipe book will have you dreaming of the outdoors in no time. Recipes are divided into four thematic chapters. Poutine, for example, is in the Go Your Own Way chapter. These are plates you can enjoy while on the road. Almond Porridge can be found in the In Search of Space chapter. That chapter encourages its readers to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. For dessert, go for their Nanaimo bars, a traditional Canadian dessert. ($26.60)


taste the wild cookbook Canada - East End Taste
Credit: Murdoch Books and Authors Lisa Nieschlag & Lars Wentrup

The Mindful Kitchen

Learn fresh takes on old favorites and new vegetarian dishes with The Mindful Kitchen, written by Heather Thomas. The recipes in this cookbook include a mix of fresh takes on family classics and completely fresh ideas. These include Leek and Hazelnut Risotto, Spiced Pumpkin and Coconut Soup, Zero Waste Veggie Broth, Rhubarb and Lentil Curry, Oatmeal Honey Bread, and Apple Cake Lasagne. You could easily create a full year’s eating plan with this recipe book alone. ($26.28)

Lands of the Curry Leaf

Published in October of this year, Lands of the Curry Leaf is a vegetarian food journey with a focus on plant-based flavors. Written by Peter Kuruvita, his book shares over 100 recipes that will instantly spark curiosity and intrigue. The recipe focus is on street foods, stir fries, stews, chutneys, and dairy-based dishes. These dishes originated from countries including Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India and Nepal. Notable recipes include Vegetable Biriyani with Paneer, and Green Tea & Jasmine Pickled Cucumbers. A great drink pairing is his Sweet Basil Seed Lemonade. ($31.49)

lands of the curry leaf cookbook
Credit: Murdoch Books & Author Peter Kuruvita

Healthy Slow Cooker

Yes, cooking can be easy, flavorful and good for you! Discover new ‘set it and forget it’ meals by author, Ross Dobson. His 100 healthy recipes will instantly set your New Year’s resolution on track. Stunning imagery will also capture the reader’s attention. Chapters include Sunday Suppers, Weekday Dinners, Curry Night, and more. There are also plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes. ($23.58)

Bake Australia Great

Their is truly something very special about Australia. Author Katherine Sabbath highlights the land down under beautifully. Classic Australian desserts from simple to complex will be so much fun to recreate this holiday season. Each recipe is easy to follow and there are plenty of eye-catching images with each page turn. Recipes include the Rainbow Serpent Cake, Fairy Bread Cake, and the Great Barrier Reef Cake. ($23.99)